BeeZeeArt Plush Artists List

BeeZeeArt Plush Artists List

BeeZeeArt Plush Artists List

I've created a new Facebook post just for plush artists who work from my patterns.

You can find it over here on my Facebook

I have a lot of potential buyers who message me looking for something I don't offer, or don't currently have available. I don't do commissions and some of my patterns I rarely, if ever, use anymore like my gryphon pattern or my beanie fox/cat pattern. It's my hope that this list will help those buyers connect with plush artists who can create what they are looking for or may have something in stock when I don't. Now instead of telling them no and sending them on their way, I can point them in the direction of this list. 

This is a feature I had before as a blog post, but I almost never updated it and it required a lot of work any time a plush artist needed to change their information. This way each plush artist is responsible for their own posting and can edit or delete it as they see fit. 

Hopefully this will be much easier to manage so I will be able to keep it around unlike the old post which fell by the wayside. 

If you'd like to read more about this list or join it yourself, please head over to the Facebook post for all the details!

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