Bundle and Save

Bundle and Save

Bundle and Save

Introducing a new feature: Pattern Bundles!

(Well, this isn't really a "new" feature. More like a new, updated version of an old feature for those who remember my preset bundles)

Now you can save 20% off the purchase of 3 or more patterns when you use the code PatternBundle at checkout. 

Simply add the patterns you'd like to your cart and apply the discount code.

Some Important Information

- You must have 3 or more patterns in your cart in order to use the discount code. 
- This offer excludes free patterns (sorry, that would be cheating). 
- I cannot retroactively apply this code to any order, so you need to apply it during checkout if you want to take advantage.
- This offer is only valid on my website at www.beezeeart.com, not in my Etsy store. 
- The discount only applies to sewing patterns, nothing else.

Why I'm Doing This

In the past all my patterns have been 1 set price. Initially they were all $7. As I grew more confident and added more features to the patterns like seam allowance, I increased the price to $9.

However this set pricing failed to take into account the different amount of work that goes into different patterns. More involved patterns (like those with multiple designs or many pages of instructions) take significantly more time to create. They also tend to take up more time each day on the customer service end of things as these are the patterns most people have questions or need 1 on 1 help with. 

Moving forward my pricing structure is going to be a bit different with these more elaborate patterns costing more. On the flip side, very basic patterns will cost less. The current prices of my patterns will not change unless they receive an update that adds significantly more features. For example, the upcoming update of the shoulder dragon pattern to add 2 more styles will raise the price. (Though those who already own the pattern will receive the update for free regardless of future pricing)

Breaking away from this static pricing will also give me the ability to adjust my prices if the cost of selling goes up which is a very real concern after Etsy raised their fees this year. 

It's my hope this bundling option will allow a bit more wiggle room when picking and choosing which patterns to buy so you can choose all your favorites without breaking the bank.

Happy Sewing!

Patterns featured in the image: 
Bat Pattern
Sting Ray Pattern
Fox and Cat Beanie Pattern
Shoulder Dragon Pattern