Here's a list of the most common questions I'm asked. Have a question that's not on this faq page? Feel free to contact me

When will your next shop update be? 

If there is an update coming it will be announced via social media along with posts of the items available. Please check there for more information. 

Why are your items priced differently on Etsy vs. your online store? 

Etsy charges a 5% fee, 20 cent listing fee, and a 12-15% fee on item sold via ads (or within 30 days of clicking an ad). This is on top of the fee for processing credit cards. This translates to higher prices to cover these extra costs. You'll always find cheaper prices when purchasing directly from me. 

Where do you get your fabric from? 

Generally Fabric.com, Joann's, or Field's Fabric. I have my custom printing done with Spoonflower.

What fabric do you use?

Most fabrics I use are minky or cotton. Individual items always have the materials listed in the descriptions. 

Do you take commissions? 

No, I do not. 

Can I sell products made from your patterns?

Yes! You are free to sell things from my patterns as long as you provide proper credit and don't use my patterns for mass production. (For more information on crediting pattern designers, please visit this blog post) 

Do you do wholesale? 

No, I do not offer wholesale pricing.

Can I use your photos? 

You may post and share my photos for non-commercial use if you provide proper credit and a link back to my website. You may not claim them as your own or make any claims over the rights of the images and you may not make false statements about the products in the images like claiming they are for sale when they are not. 

I do not allow my photos to be used for commercial purposes under any circumstances so if you're selling items made from my patterns you need to take your own photos. 

How do I download a pattern?

Download links are available after completing checkout and will be emailed to you (You may need to whitelist delivery@shopify.com or check your spam folders after purchase). See more info in this blog post: https://beezeeart.com/blogs/beezeeartblog/digital-download-fa

Do you offer printed versions of your patterns? 

My patterns are only available digitally. You may purchase my shoulder dragon as a physical pattern through Simplicity, though it is their version of my pattern, not my own. If you don't have a printer at home I highly recommend having the product printed by Staples and either shipped to your home (they have free ground shipping) or picked up in store. This is one of the cheapest options available, though your local library may also have inexpensive printing available. 

Is this plush still available? 

My full stock of available plushies is always in my online store at www.beezeeart.com. If it is not listed there or it is sold out, it is not currently available. 

Can you tell me when X will be available?

No, this is not a service I offer. I suggest following me on social media for the latest updates (especially my Facebook group, BeeZeeArt Bees)

Will you make this plushie again? If so when?

Short answer: Maybe. Some plushies are unique or aren't as possible so they won't be re-created. Otherwise I may create anything again. However, I can't promise it will happen and I can't tell you when as I don't have a set schedule in that manner. 


How much is X? 

Prices are listed underneath the items, even if they are sold out. I do not give out pricing for unavailable items which are not listed in my store as the price may change due to a variety of factors including increased material cost or demand. 

I have a problem with my order. 

I'm sorry to hear that, please send me an email (brittany@beezeeart.com) to discuss the specifics. Please be sure to let me know your name, email, and order number.

Will you donate your products to my cause? 

No. I am a small business with an extremely limited budget. In addition, I make it a point to only donate to registered 501(c)3 charities whose values align with my own and who I have done significant research on and I generally do so with my own funds, not with business funds. Unsolicited social media messages for donations will be ignored.  

What kind of sewing machine do you have? 

I use a Pfaff Performance 5.0. Any embroidery is done on a Pfaff creative 1.5. 

Will you ever make.... ? 

Pretty much anything you can think of I've probably considered making! It's just a matter of time. My idea list is so long one person could never finish it in a lifetime. 

I see someone selling something that looks like your products!

I do allow people to sell products made from my patterns, but please let me know if you see the following: Someone who is using my images, someone who claims my design is their own unique pattern, or someone impersonating me. (I only sell through my official website, my Etsy store, or in person) 

Why are your plushies so expensive?

My plushies are priced fairly for what they are: Handmade, high quality products from an artist with almost a decade of sewing experience. The price reflects this. 

What happened to the white, purple, and black galaxy bats?

At this time all galaxy bats are completely sold out. I have no immediate plans to order more as the current economic situation and tariffs make such large overseas orders very risky. Though I'd like to have them return again in the future. 

I see someone selling your Shoulder Dragon pattern! 

I licensed my shoulder dragon pattern to Simplicity. If someone is re-selling the pattern from Simplicity they are absolutely fine to be doing so. However, if you see someone selling a digital copy or a scanned and printed version of the Simplicity pattern, please let me know so that I can put a stop to it. Neither of those things are okay! 

Will you be at ___ Con? 

I keep a running list of conventions on my homepage. If there are none listed, I have none planned for the foreseeable future. If you'd like to see me at a specific con, be sure to let the show runners and myself know!  (Note: Due to the current pandemic, all in person events have been cancelled for the safety of myself and my customers. You will not see me at any in person events until I feel it is safe to do so.)