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Create Your Own Sea Pancake! - Pre-Order Custom Sea Pancake Plush

$ 40.00

FAQ: When will these be back in stock? 

Not until Black Friday! Check back then. 

IMPORTANT: This is a pre-order for a customized sea pancake! Please read the listing carefully to make sure you understand. If you order other items with your sea pancake, they will not ship until your sea pancake is ready.

Have your breakfast and snuggle it, too, with these adorable sea pancakes! Each one is made from super soft minky with ironed on applique syrup and butter. For a very limited time, choose more options than usual to create your perfect sea pancake. 

Creation Time
These will take time to create! 

Each sea pancake is handmade in the order they are received and updates along the way are documented in a google spreadsheet to keep track of everything. 

See the list here to follow along (note the list is not updated in real time)

For the last round of orders, I finished an average of 30 sea pancakes a week. Some weeks more, some less. Your order could take anywhere from 3-10 weeks to create, depending on your position in line. 

Choose the color of your pancake, either cooked to perfection (the standard tan), burnt (dark brown), or undercooked (light brown).

Default scents include maple pancake, blueberry cobbler, chocolate, and combinations of blueberry and maple or chocolate and maple. 

If you'd like another scent, you can select that instead. 

For full scent information including descriptions of the scents and important things to note about scented plushies, please check out this info page

Eye Style
Give your pancake a unique expression by selecting the perfect eye style for you. There's the default black eyes or, if you're feeling creative, you can choose between solid brown eyes, sparkle brown eyes, U shaped happy eyes which can be rotated around to look different, round kawaii eyes, or oval kawaii eyes. (Check the photos for examples)

Want to add a bit more flavor to your sea pancake? Consider some toppings! Choose from either blueberries or chocolate chips. Or choose both! 

Blueberries are handmade from a merino wool blend felt and sewn on to your plush. Each one will look slightly different due to the handmade nature.

The chocolate chips are a resin plastic and are glued in place with industrial strength craft glue. The minky is trimmed beneath the chips to help keep them secure.

Care should be taken with both as they'll hold up to light wear and tear, but can be removed with enough force or damaged.

Added Weight
If you want to make a hefty sea pancake you can add some extra weight! Around 5oz of glass microbeads will be poured into the belly of your sea pancake with stuffing on top to help them keep their shape. (A standard sea pancake weighs ~2oz)

Or add extra extra weight! Your sea pancake will be filled entirely with glass beads and will not have any stuffing. This sea pancake will weigh around 10oz.

These glass microbeads will feel similar to a large grain sand and since they are loose inside the plush and not packed into a bag inside, they can be squished around. 

Tail Bow   
For another little bit of fun, you can add a bow to the base of your sea pancake's tail. Bows are approximately 1 inch big. See the photos for all the colors.

Add a charm to the base of your pancakes tail! There's a fine selection of themed charms available to choose from. These will be sewn to the tail with a thread that matches the color of your pancakes body. If you also get a charm, they'll be placed just under the bow so they are still visible.

• 11 inches long (including the 6 inch tail)
• 10.5 inches wide (from fin point to fin point)
• Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.

• Minky Fabric
• Polyester Stuffing
• Plastic Safety Eyes
• (Optional) Felt Blueberries
• (Optional) Plastic Chocolate Chip
• (Optional) Glass Beads
• (Optional) Metal Craft Charm

• Colors may vary slightly due to monitor and lighting differences.

Important Notices:
• Plushies may contain small parts and are not safe for children, these items are handmade and meant for adult collectors.
• This is a handmade product is meant for display and light handling, please treat it well to avoid damage
• My home is a smoke free, pet friendly home. It contains cats, dogs, and birds.
• Due to their handmade nature, no two plushies are quite the same. Expect slight variations.
 Please read my policies before ordering

Customer Reviews

Based on 148 reviews
A Perfect Pancake

This sweet lil lad is so well crafted! I am beyond overjoyed to have a custom sea pancake from BeeZeeArt.


This is such a great product! When I realized I could customize it I immediately hopped on. The end result is adorable! And the fact that these are handmade is crazy, but can definitely be seen in the quality. I got mine with the maple syrup scent and I had forgotten by the time I received it so it was a pleasant surprise.
I love this product and I would totally get another for a friend or child in my life. The customization gives so many options!

100% recommend!

Absolutely adorable! The price was good, it came in good condition, you’re definitely getting what you paid for. It took a little longer to arrive but totally worthy it for this little cutie! I named mine Stanley


I got my plush and it is absolutely amazing! So cute and the perfect size. 10/10


High quality and so dang cute.