Axolotl Stuffed Animal Sewing Pattern - Digital Download

$ 9.00
This digital pattern will show you how to make an adorable axolotl of your very own. An axolotl plush would make a wonderfully unique and original gift, something you won't easily find in stores! 

This pattern is a digital download and is in .PDF format. 

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Your .PDF download will include the axolotl pattern itself, printing instructions, suggested cutting layouts, 2 pages of sewing tips, and a step by step written tutorial along with accompanying full color photographs to help you complete your project. 

The pattern includes both a 1/4 inch seam allowance and the exact sewing lines. 

There is also a free video tutorial here:

You do not need to purchase the pattern to view the video tutorial so if you are worried this project may not be suitable for you, you can watch the tutorial for an idea of what will be involved. 

Your finished axolotl will measure approximately 12 inches long and 5 inches wide..

Tools and Materials You Will Need:
• Light Pink Minky ( 17 x 14.5 in )
 Pink Minky ( 7 x 5 in )
 Air Soluble Marking Pen
 1 Pair 12mm Safety Eyes
 Matching Thread

+ All other sewing supplies you may need for a regular sewing project including scissors, straight pins, sewing needles, and (optionally) a sewing machine. 


Skill Level:
Intermediate (5/10)
This pattern is an intermediate level pattern. Careful top sewing will be needed to create the tail end of the plush. Other skills needed include sewing opposing curves, sewing small pieces, and hand sewing to attach the head.

Important Info:
You are free to sell items created with this pattern provided that you credit the pattern to BeeZeeArt. A link back to my site ( is greatly appreciated. You may not, under any circumstances, redistribute, sell, or otherwise claim this pattern, including associated photos, as your own.

You are purchasing a digital sewing pattern in .PDF format. This is not a finished product, a kit, or a printed pattern. No physical products will be sent to you. There are no refunds. Please purchase accordingly.

Feel free to message me if you have any further questions.

Customer Reviews

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Michelle Fiegelist

So far I have made three of these. Very easy sew. The hardest part is sewing the head to the body. The video shows sewing the legs and then cutting out, which is a great idea. Otherwise it would be very fiddly to sew.

Easy to follow

This was a great pattern to follow, full of good instructions to follow and the tutorial helped too. Very cute plushie. I modified the gills a bit. It will make a great present for my niece.

Stacey C

My child loves the axolotl that I sewed for her. It's very cute and has a lot of personality. The written and video tutorials were very helpful, and it looks like the pattern is optimized for use with a projector -- I wish I had one!

Great pattern

I made this for my granddaughter, who asked for it based on a character in a game or app or something, I am not sure. But she sent me a picture of it, and once I figured out it was an axolotl, I found this pattern. The instructions are really good, and it turned out to be much easier than I expected. Since the character my granddaughter likes has a two tone tail, I had to figure out how to do that. it it wasn’t t that difficult. Thanks for such a nice pattern!

Very nice and detailed

I absolutely love the pattern. It looks as nice as always.