Here's are the most common questions I'm asked. They're broken up into sections to make it easier to find your answer. Please be sure to check here before sending me a message as your question may already be answered.
How can we help?

♥ Pricing ♥

Why are your prices different on Etsy?

My Etsy prices are higher due to the extra fees Etsy charges sellers to use their services. I am able to offer lower prices for those who choose to support me directly.

Why are your prices so high?

My products are priced fairly for what they are. Everything is either handmade directly by me, created from my own artwork, or produced by my designs. I am also a single artist with over a decade of professional experience who provides unique products, not a large business. Art, and it's value, is subjective and everyone's budget is different so if my products are out of your price range it may be something to save for or you may wish to look to another artist or store that more closely aligns with what you're looking for.

Do you offer wholesale?

No I do not

Do you ever have sales?

Yes, I run a few sales a year, usually around major holidays or specific months, that I announce on social media. They'll also be announced in the website header and, sometimes, my blog.

♥ Availability ♥

When will _____ be back again?

Many of my plushies are unique and will not be restocked.

For those that I do regularly recreate, I do not have a set schedule for when, or if, they will be available again.

I announce most releases ahead of time on social media so following me there is the best way to stay up to date on future products.

Do you take commissions?

No I do not

Do you do customs?

Generally, no. Sometimes I will take orders for customizable plushies, but only for a very limited time. This will always be announced on social media in advance.

Can I get on a mailing list or waitlist?

I do not keep a mailing list or waitlist at this time, the best way to stay informed on future releases is social media.

Can you make ___ ?

I'm happy to hear any requests and I tend to remember what people ask for the most. In general, though, I have a lot of ideas and limited time so it's not likely I'll make exactly the thing you want to see.

♥ Pattern Info ♥ 

Can I sell products made from your patterns?

AnswerYes! You are free to sell things from my patterns as long as you provide proper credit and don't use my patterns for mass production. (For more information on crediting, please visit this blog post)

How do I download a pattern?

Download links are available after completing checkout and will be emailed to you (You may need to whitelist delivery@shopify.com or check your spam folders after purchase).See more info in this blog post.

Do you offer printed versions of your patterns?

No, my patterns are available as digital files only. If you don't have a printer at home I highly recommend checking your local library or office store such as Staples which can print files for you.

I see someone selling your Shoulder Dragon pattern! 

I license my shoulder dragon to Simplicity (you can even see my old logo in the bottom right corner of the cover). If someone is selling an original Simplicity pattern, that's perfectly okay! Anyone selling a digital version of my own pattern or a scanned and printed or scanned and digital copy of the Simplicity pattern is not okay. So if you see that happening, please let me know.

Do I need a sewing machine for your patterns? 

No, a sewing machine does not do anything that can't be done by hand. However, you'll need to be well practiced with hand sewing to achieve the same results as a sewing machine. You can find more info about hand sewing my patterns here.

Do you have different sizes available?

All my patterns include instructions to resize when printing. You can also find more info about this here.

♥ Store Policies ♥ 

Where are your policies at?

I have a whole page just for my policies, you can find them all at https://beezeeart.com/pages/policies 

I think I was charged twice?

My store has fraud protection at checkout which will decline charges that fail AVS postal code verification and decline charges that fail CVV verification. This is a fancy way of saying the billing info you provide must match the info received from your bank 100% or the charge won't go through.

In order to verify this information, a hold may be placed on your account known as a verification hold. This can look like a pending charge on your account, depending on who you bank with. If payment is not capture, the hold will go away on its own after a few days.

99% of the time if you are seeing a double charge, this is what you are actually seeing.

If you have any questions about a charge, you can always contact your bank for more info.

When will my order arrive?

Orders generally ship within 2-7 business days and a tracking number is provided with every order. Delivery speed varies based on your location and the shipping method used.

The exception to this is orders which are customized or made to order. For those, check the listing description for all the info.

Digital downloads are available immediately after purchase.

How much is shipping?

Shipping costs vary and are calculated at checkout based on your location, the weight/size of your order, and the shipping service selected.

How do I return my order?

You're welcome to return any product as long as you return it to me within 30 days of delivery and it's in the original condition.

Please contact me before shipping your product back and let me know you intend to return it. Simply package it up and send it back. Once I receive it and inspect it, you'll be issued a refund for the item price to your original payment method.

I do not accept returns for customized items or digital downloads. I reserve the right to refuse a refund and dispose of any item not returned in the original condition.

See my policies page for full details.

Why don't you ship to the EU?

As of July 2021, the EU now requires anyone sending "toys" to the EU to comply with certain regulations such as technical documentation, safety assessments, conformity assessments, etc. They must also have an economic operator located within the EU. There are no exceptions for small businesses or handmade items and this is not something that is feasible for me to do. While some people label their plushies as collectors items or artwork to get around this, any item which could even be confused as a toy still falls under this law and the penalties if caught are steep. As a result, I no longer sell to the EU.

Why don't you ship to the UK?

After Brexit, the UK now requires all sellers to collect and remit VAT tax for purchases under 135 GBP. There are no exceptions for small businesses and this is not feasible for me to follow so I no longer sell to the UK

Why don't you ship to Italy?


How do I purchase if I'm from Russia?

As the grandchild of a Ukrainian immigrant, I stand with the Ukraine and support the sanctions placed against Russia. I am doing business with anyone based in Russia, and will not do so again until the war in Ukraine is ended.

♥ Materials and Supplies ♥

What type of fabric do you use?

Generally, I use minky. You can find more about it here and a list of suppliers here.

Where do you get your fabric from?

A variety of places including both online and local retailors. You can find a list of suppliers for minky here.

Where is your galaxy fabric, batritto fabric, or other unique fabrics from?

I have these custom printed from Spoonflower. My custom designs are not available to the public. 

What kind of sewing machine do you have? 

I use a Pfaff Performance 5.0. Any embroidery is done on a Pfaff creative 1.5.

What are those things I see in your videos that look like scissors, but they pinch together instead?

Those are hemostats! They're a medical tool I use to turn fabric right side out and stuff my plushies. 

Where do you buy your safety eyes?

I generally purchase from CrsCrafts, GlassEyesOnline, or 6060eyes

What kind of stuffing do you use?


What do you use to scent your plushies?

I use aroma beads which are a type of plastic pellet that can absorb scented oils and remains the same size and dry to the touch. You can find more info on scented plushies here.  

What do you use to weight your plushies? I

I use polypellets or glass microbeads

What do you use to make your plushies crinkle?

It's a sheet of plastic usually called crinkle material or phonic filler. It's just a layer of crinkly plastic which can be sewn or stuffed inside plushies.

How do you put magnets in your plushies?

I make a small pouch for the magnet to hold it in place and glue or sew it to the inside of the plushie.

What do you use to trace on fabric?

I have an entire blog post on this here.

How do I make my pattern bigger/smaller?

I made a blog post on there here.

♥ Other Questions ♥

Will you be at any upcoming conventions?

I no longer attend conventions, but you may see people there selling products from my patterns.

I have a problem with my order

I'm sorry to hear that. Please contact me either via the contact page or emailing me directly at brittany@beezeeart.com. Be sure to include your name and order number.

Can I use your photos?

You may post and share my photos for non commercial use only and must provide credit and a link back to my store or social media. Failure to provide proper credit may result in DMCA removal of the image.

I do not allow my photos to be used for commercial purposes, even with credit provided, so if you're selling items made from my own patterns be sure to take your own photos.

Will you donate to my cause?

I am a small business with an extremely limited budget and, as such, I cannot donate to every cause that asks. I also believe in only donating to registered 501(c)3 charities whose values align with my own or people I know personally. Unsolicited social media messages for donations will be ignored.

I am an influencer? Can I get a free product?

I do not provide free products in exchange for reviews or social media exposure at this time.

How do you start your own business? 

This is way to big of a question for me to answer and it's going to vary a lot based on your location and individual needs so you may want to ask Google this one or contact your local small business association.