Here's are the most common questions I'm asked. They're broken up into sections to make it easier to find your answer. Please be sure to check here before sending me a message as your question may already be answered.

♥ Pricing ♥

Why are your items priced differently on Etsy vs. your online store? My prices on Etsy reflect the extra fees Etsy charges sellers to use their services. I do not have to pay these same fees when selling through my own site and, so, I am able to offer lower prices for those who choose to support me directly. 

Why are your plushies so expensive? My plushies are priced fairly for what they are: Handmade, high quality products from an artist with over a decade of professional sewing experience.If the price doesn't work for you that's totally fine and you're free to shop with someone whose pricing more closely fits your budget. 

Do you do wholesale? No, I do not offer wholesale pricing. 

Do you ever have sales? Yes, I have sales throughout the year that are announced via social media. My sales don't happen often and are usually around major holidays or events that I run. 

♥ Availability ♥

How do I buy your plushies? I release my plushies in batches at once called a shop update. You will need to be online and ready at the day and time of the update and then fully complete checkout to purchase a plush (there are no cart holds or reservations). 

When will your next shop update be? If there is an update coming it will be announced via social media along with posts of the items available. You can also find a section for shop updates on the main page of my website. 

Is this plush still available? My full stock of available plushies is always in my online store at www.beezeeart.com. If it is not listed there or it is sold out, it is not available. 

When will X item be be back in stock? I do not have a set schedule for when, or if, certain items will be made available again. You'll just need to keep checking back! You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @BeeZeeArt, I always post previews there before items are available. 

Will you ever make.... ? Pretty much anything you can think of I've probably considered making! It's just a matter of time. My idea list is so long one person could never finish it in a lifetime. 

Do you take commissions? No, I do not. 

Do you do customs? Every once in awhile I will take orders for custom colored bats for a limited time. This will be announced via social media in advance. Other than that, I do not.

Can you tell me when X plush is available again? This is not a service I offer, it would not be viable for me to individually message everyone who asks for this. 

♥ Pattern Info ♥ 

Can I sell products made from your patterns?Yes! You are free to sell things from my patterns as long as you provide proper credit and don't use my patterns for mass production. (For more information on crediting, please visit this blog post)

How do I download a pattern?Download links are available after completing checkout and will be emailed to you (You may need to whitelist delivery@shopify.com or check your spam folders after purchase). See more info in this blog post.

Do you offer printed versions of your patterns? No, my patterns are only available digitally. If you don't have a printer at home I highly recommend checking with your local library as they often have low cost printing available. Another option is to have it printed by Staples and either shipped to your home (they have free ground shipping) or picked up in store. This is one of the cheapest options available. 

I see someone selling your Shoulder Dragon pattern! I licensed my shoulder dragon pattern to Simplicity. If someone is selling the original pattern from Simplicity that's perfectly okay. (You can even see my original logo on the cover in the lower right corner) However, if you see someone selling a digital copy or a scanned and re-printed version of the Simplicity pattern, please let me know so that I can put a stop to it. Neither of those things are okay! 

Do I need a sewing machine for your patterns? No, a sewing machine does not do anything that can't be done by hand. However, you'll need to be well practiced with hand sewing to achieve the same results as a sewing machine. You can find more info about hand sewing my patterns here.

♥ Store Policies ♥ 

I have a question about your policies? I have a whole page just for my policies, you can find them all at https://beezeeart.com/pages/policies 

Do you offer returns? Yes, the item must be returned within 30 days of delivery and be in their original condition, you can find more info on my policies page. Digital products or custom products, however, are not refundable.

Do you ship to my country? How much will it be? I do not ship to the UK or the EU due to import taxes and/or regulations on stuffed toys. I ship to most other counties, you can see the entire list at checkout.

♥ Materials and Supplies ♥

What type of fabric do you use? I generally use minky, this is the soft fluffy fabric that you see mostly commonly. Specifically, Shannon brand minky is my favorite. I also regularly use cotton for the wings of my bats. 

Where do you get your fabric from? A variety of places including both online and local retailors. You can find a list of suppliers for minky here.

Where is your galaxy fabric, batritto fabric, or other unique fabrics from? I have these custom printed from Spoonflower. My custom designs are not available to the public. 

What kind of sewing machine do you have? I use a Pfaff Performance 5.0. Any embroidery is done on a Pfaff creative 1.5.

What are those things I see in your videos that look like scissors, but they pinch together instead? Those are hemostats! They're a medical tool I use to turn fabric right side out and stuff my plushies. 

Where do you buy your safety eyes? I generally purchase fromCrsCrafts,GlassEyesOnline, or6060eyes

What kind of stuffing do you use? I use Fairfield's polyfill primarily or Morning Glory's cluster stuff. 

What do you use to scent your plushies? I use aroma beads which are a type of plastic pellet that can absorb scented oils and remains the same size and dry to the touch. You can find more info on scented plushieshere.  

What do you use to weight your plushies? I use Fairfield's polypellets for light to moderate weight and glass beads for heavier weight. I have a blog postall about weighting plushies. 

What do you use to make your plushies crinkle? It is generally called either crinkle material or phonic filler. It's just a layer of plastic which can be sewn or stuffed inside plushies. It's most commonly used for dog toys and baby toys. 

How do you put magnets in your plushies? I usually make a little pouch for them and sew it inside the plush itself. I may use a tiny bit of glue to attach it, but I try to avoid it. For smaller plushies, they're just lose in the plush.

How do you take your photos and videos? I have a Canon EOS Rebel t6i I use for product photography, pattern steps, and video tutorials. Otherwise I tend to use my cell phone. 

♥ Other Questions ♥ 

Will you be at any upcoming conventions? No, I don't do conventions anymore. Although if I do decide to attend one in the future again, I will announce that, but as of right now I have no plans to attend any.

I have a problem with my order.  I'm sorry to hear that, please send me an email (brittany@beezeeart.com) to discuss the specifics. Be sure to include your order number. 

Can I use your photos?  You may post and share my photos for non-commercial use only if you include proper credit and a link back to my store or social media. Failure to provide proper credit may result in a DMCA takedown from me to have them removed.

You may not claim the images as your own or make any claims over the rights of the images and you may not make false statements about the products in the images like claiming they are for sale when they are not. 

I do not allow my photos to be used for commercial purposes under any circumstances (even with credit provided) so if you're selling items made from my patterns you need to take your own photos. 

Will you donate your products to my cause? No. I am a small business with an extremely limited budget. In addition, I make it a point to personally only donate to registered 501(c)3 charities whose values align with my own and who I have done research on. Unsolicited social media messages for donations will be ignored. 

I am an influencer, can I get a free product in exchange for a review, post, etc?  I do not provide free products in exchange for reviews. If you would like to feature my work, you are welcome to purchase my products at full price.

Do you have any advise for people who want to get into sewing?  Mostly just the lame "practice" answer. Really, though. Practice is what separates professionals from beginners. 

How do you start your own business?  This is really way to big of a question for me to answer and it's going to vary a lot based on your location and individual needs so you may want to ask Google this one or contact your local small business association.