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I'm not the bigest sewer but this patter was easy enough to understand and complete although my poor sewing machine would disagree.
I will be making more bats in the future!

Great pattern

Great pattern, easy to understand and looks so cute.

It's a cat!

I am the kind of guy, that sees something and need to try it out. Same with this pattern. I am not very experienced with sowing. And I sew it completetly by hand, cause I didn't own a sewing machine. And with the instructions on the pattern, and video i was able to fake it, 'til I made it. Front feet are a bit short, but it looks cute, it looks like a cat, it is fluffy and my girlfriend loved it as a christmas present. The unique shape of the cat does make this pattern special. And it wont be the last time I make one of those.

Super Cute

Tried this together with my girlfriend. We neither have much experience, nor do we have a sewing machine. I just saw this and wanted to try it out. And it worked out quite good. Our little, completely hand sown baby bat is super cute. Thanks a bunch!

Smol cuties

Super cute! Funny enough, this was harder than the bat pattern for me. I almost feel like it would be easier to add the flippers separately on Nessie. Even with all my pins, the fabric did not want to stay put for the flippers. I also added the eyes after the gusset because my machine’s foot wouldn’t fit if I put them on before, even with adding allowance.
Nevertheless, it’s a simple and cute pattern and I’m excited to play with it a bit more!

simple pattern with a small twist that gives it personality

I thoroughly enjoyed making it, it scaled up really well, easy to modify, those front leggies can be fiddly but the video tutorial on her youtube channel made it a breeze.

Me encanto :D

Compre ya varios patrones y todos son geniales, muy fácil de hacer, voy a seguir comprando mas :D

Very cute and easy pattern

This pattern is very cute, easy to make and works well. It is also easy to modify. I modified mine so that the tail has stuffing and the wings are a different color from the body and it worked even better to my taste!

super cute and fun!

I've already made three bats! The head takes some time to get use to, but I found the rest of the pattern fairly easy. From cutting out pieces to finish, it takes me about an hour. Definitely making more!


The video was just amazing help. We enjoy it the way. Buy-finish👌

Really well done pattern

I loved making the sitting kitty. They come together so quickly and they're adorable. You can tell the pattern is made by a professional. I had a little trouble figuring out how to sew the chest/belly together, but the artist posted a full video on YouTube. I will 100% be buying and making several beezeeart patterns.

Super cute!

Great pattern and instructions. There is a video included, but I didn't need to view it, as the written instructions and photos were clear and easy to follow. If you are a beginner, it might be a little challenging just due to the small size of all the pieces, so keep that in mind.


Great pattern with easy directions. Minky though is a chore!

AMAZING!! Deffo a great buy!

This sewing pattern was an absolute breeze. The layout of the instructions is easy to follow and very clean and professional, the photography and design is excellent just like for any other BeeZeeArt pattern. I made my whale shark very quickly, and am so so pleased with the result! I also love the way the pattern is constructed with fins being part of the main body piece rather than separate (because usually you have to cut sew and turn lots of fiddly pieces). It means the plush can be made up so much faster! I would recommend this pattern for even the absolute beginner, because there are so few pieces to keep track of and the sewing skills needed are fairly basic. Thank you, BeeZee!

Great Pattern!

Had no issues at all with making my plushie! The pattern was simple, and easy to follow, and definitely useful for those who are beginners. Although, since i'm more of an intermediate sewer, I did feel as though the pattern piece for the back of the body was unnecessary. However, everything else was nice, clear, and cohesive! I even altered parts of the pattern to add my own small flare to it, which was quite fun to do as well!

Very nice!

The instructions are really clear and they even include a tutorial video!

Looks great

Haven’t tryed it yet

Easy to follow instructions

Instructions were well written and easy to follow. The results were terrific.

Super adorable!

Such a cute little deer pattern with great explanations. It’s a little tricky, but the finished result is definitely worth the effort!

Easy and cute pattern

I almost never post reviews, but I know this could help BeeZeeArt so let's go xD
A really simple pattern, with perfect instructions, what are you waiting for ?

My 10 year old granddaughter wanted to make the Narwhal and Jelly for her little sister for Christmas. We had so much fun, and they are darling. She was thrilled.


My 10 year old granddaughter wanted to make the Narwhal and Jelly for her little sister for Christmas. We had so much fun, and they are darling. She was thrilled.

Fantastic pattern and absolutely wonderful artist behind it. I am not exaggerating in any manner when saying that this bat pattern helped save my life. This sounds like a joke but I'm serious lmao.

Thank you.

Adorable and Easy

If there was ever a perfect pattern, this is it. It's easy for both beginners and experts, and makes an absolutely adorable result! I bought the pattern specifically for making a small army of them for family and friend gifts. I would have taken a picture, but they're already wrapped up. Definitely love this pattern, highly recommend it to everyone!

Great pattern!

This is a great pattern, with instructions that are easy to follow.