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Easy and adorable!

I definitely recommend scaling the pattern up a bit if your a beginner. It will be much easier. LOVE my little dinosaur she came out adorable.

Fun to make!

I don’t know why this is a thing (the original video or the pattern), but I greatly enjoyed making mine! I bought a fat quarter because it was on sale for $1 and the eyes were cheap too. After cutting, I had it done in less than 2 hrs (I didn’t actually watch the time). Great learning project. I bought the mothman pattern so I can start a stuffed cryptid collection.

Tip: err to sewing the ‘feet’ more open and rounded. If they get pointy, turning and stuffing can be tricky.

Amazing pattern

Absolutely love this pattern highly recommend

Very cute!

This pattern was well written and easy to make. I used a black flannel for the main fabric and a cotton with white numbers on a black background for the accent, and said it was The Count (or one of his bats). The friend who got it for Christmas loved it.

Magnets Help

I found this pattern at JoAnn's and had to buy it. I decided to make 3 for my son's 2 step siblings and 1 half sibling. One day I brought one to work with me and showed it off, and then I had an order for 3 more. I had a thought of sewing in a magnet to help the dragon to stay on the shoulder, I sewn in a magnet in on the 3 i had an order for.

Because Minky is I found a trick, by using tear away interfacing, to help me sew the legs and horns. Also, I was able to machine sew the horns on, by using the technique of the legs. These tricks helped me, and I hope they help you too.

Bat Tastic

This little bat is absolutely fantastic. She is so well seen and perfect. Wish I could give more stars, can’t recommend this seller highly enough!!

Easy to follow instructions!

The PDF pattern and instructions are much better than the average toy pattern. Most of the time, I sew my own designs, and BeeZee Art patterns have clever tricks for creating clean, well-constructed shapes. I am inspired! Thanks for creating a fun, useable pattern.

Great pattern, the instructions are easy to understand. I would highly recommend this pattern. I hope to make more of these bottles in the future.

This is simple pattern that is able to be customized in many different ways. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow.


Nice clear instructions and pattern. Easy to follow. Haven't had a chance to create these yet, but will be doing for Christmas!


Nice clear instructions and pattern. Easy to follow. Turned out great!


Nice clear instructions and pattern. Easy to follow. Turned out great!

Awesome Pattern!!!

I purchased this pattern to make gifts and to participate in a swap. They all turned out so very cute and lovely. I used velvet, cuddle fabrics, cotton and mermaid sequins. The next time I make one, I am going to enlarge the pattern and add some interfacing to the wings. Thank you again for such a lovely pattern! :)

Fresno Nightcrawler Pattern

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I could make a plush of this bizarre cryptid .This is a wonderful pattern. It makes for a fun and simple project.

Beginner Bat

This is a pretty easy pattern to use. I was confused on how it went together, then I watched the video. It is helpful to have.

I love your patterns! Thank you.

Cuteness Overload

This little guy is so soft and utterly adorable. Nicely packaged too. =] Thank you!


I love halloween and I love the Bat-O-Ween bats , I collect purple plushies ,who share their adventures on Instagram , and this bat is a great addition to the family , thank you Brittany x

Great & easy

A very fun, clear and easy pattern, giving great results. It's also a fast project!

Amazing pattern!!

Absolutely love the pattern. I used it for my very first thing I ever sewed and I think it turned out amazing and was fairly easy!


I adore this shops patterns and plushies, they're all so lovingly made ♥️

Fresno Nightcrawler

Love the pattern ! Very easy to sew !
I will be getting more soon !


Encantada con la compra, llegó al instante a mi correo.
Yo lo imprimí tamaño póster y lo he plastificado para que dure más.
Patrón muy bien explicado!!!
Seguro haré más compras.


Perfect quality. She even threw in some little Halloween surprises, and they were a great and appreciated touch. Would definitely buy again. 😊