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We love Batritto!

My daughter and I ran across Batritto and could not physically stop ourselves from adding to cart and checking out. It is too cute, super soft, and the perfect size for our adventures. It is now part of her "BFF Crew" and comes with us everywhere. We love that little guy!

White galaxy bat!

Cute, as pictured, with fast shipping. Seriously considering purchasing the patterns so I can make my own custom ones!

Super cute and very well made!! Would definitely recommend snatching up one of these lil guys while you can :P


My sea pancake is amazing I love him! He's 100% perfect, well made, and super duper soft. Plus he's adorable <3

Super cute bat

He was so much cuter in person. He will be a good match with the other bats my daughter has

Easy to follow and super cute!

I choose this pattern as my first plushie to make. I came in with 0 plushie making experience, but with how clear and easy-to-follow the tutorial was (And the walkthrough on YouTube) I was able to make some really cute sharks! I have already made a few and love how they turn out.

Super simple

I have never really did a sewing project and this one was a nice and easy one to start with, quite enjoyed

Sleeping cutey

Its even cuter in person,I love how soft it is and my cat even likes it.Very well done and Looking forward to get more.

Turned out really cute but had trouble getting ears to stand up.

Bunny is really cute but even using stiff interfacing didn't help the ears stand up. Not to worry, just added a few stitches to connect the bottom of ears to head and pull them up. Clear instructions, easy to follow. YouTube video is really helpful. Loved bringing this adorable creature to life!

Perfect Penguins!

I absolutely LOVE this pattern! It's a fun pose (no hassle of getting the penguin to stand without toppling over), and the pattern is well written (and includes the seam allowance too!).
I added some plastic beans to my penguin's belly for a bit of added weight, but I'm sure it'd be just as perfect without!

Thanks so much for sharing a photo! I'm glad you enjoyed the pattern :)

The stickers were a gift for my boyfriend's birthday... he loved then, they were in great condition, they got there fast... On top of that SUPER cute design. Nothing bad to say!

Shoulder Dragon

The pattern is easy to follow and my result has been admired by everyone

Thanks so much for sharing photos! Your dragon looks super cute and I'm glad you liked the pattern!
Such A Cute Pattern!

This pattern is very easy and is soooo cute! I've made a couple of regular sized ones and one giant ray so far (230%)!

Thanks so much for sharing photos of your sting rays, I love the LARGE one :)
Really Great Pattern!

I thought this pattern might be a bit too difficult for me (I started sewing 2 weeks ago!) but the explanation steps and pictures are great and I've made two of them so far! Definitely recommend.

Thanks for sharing a photo! Those look amazing, I can't believe you just started sewing! I'm glad you were able to tackle this pattern.

Would be a lot more simpler if seam allowance was included. Overall was a good pattern. The video left a little to be desired. While reviewing the part about sewing the bat wings on, the video was not real clear in how to place the wings, the person doing the video kept placing her hands over the area she was trying to show.

Fun and cute!

Enjoyed this pattern and had fun learning how to sew plush animals. The instructions are comfortable to follow and the finished bird looks wonderful. The most complex part for me would be sewing the beak on.

Thanks for sharing photos and your experiences! Your cockatiels turned out awesome.
Adorable Stingray Pattern

I’m new at sewing and don’t have a sewing machine, but I really wanted to make my aunt a stingray, because it’s one of her favorite animals. This pattern was clear and super easy to follow. The instructions were perfect and the pictures really helped a lot. I highly recommend this pattern and many others from BeeZeeArt.

Thanks for sharing photos! They look really excellent especially since you did them by hand!
Very easy to follow instructions.

Very easy to follow instructions.

Can't wait to start making these little guys, looks like...

Can't wait to start making these little guys, looks like very easy to follows sewing directions as well.

Great Pattern

Such a cute cat plushie! It turned out perfect!

So Cute!

My plushie turned out fantastic and the pattern was simple and easy to follow!

Fun and Easy!

One of the easiest patterns I've ever followed. The plushie came out great and I had a ton of fun making it!

Galaxy Bat!

Speedy delivery and even cuter than the picture. Love the craftsmanship. Thank you!

Nice pattern, adorable cat!

I was able to follow the instructions, more or less, but there should be a review of the instructions to re-word the section regarding the assembling of the front feet. It's not super clear what to do and there could be better markings on those specific patter pieces to marry them together. Otherwise, the pattern was straight-forward and any seamstress with intermediate skills can make this adorable cat! I made it for my daughter for Christmas this year and she's already cut out a second pattern to make a companion cat!

Thanks for the constructive feedback! This is an area where many people tend to struggle. I plan to make a video tutorial for this one soon so people can see it presented in another way that might make more sense.
Great item I got it for my friend for Christmas and it...

Great item I got it for my friend for Christmas and it arrived quickly and she loved it!!