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Awesome Pattern

This pattern is perfect for the bottles I needed for a cosplay!

Exactly as promised

For my daughter's birthday, I let her search out and select one present herself (she has very discerning tastes), and after much research she found the Galaxy Bat.
Since receiving it, she's absolutely loved it and it's been her constant travelling companion wherever she goes. It is soft, cute, and well made.
The construction is surprisingly sturdy for a "hand-made" item (according to this website).
The delivery was exactly as promised, which was impressive given it was right before xmas.
So I'm happy to attest that all these 5-star reviews aren't lying.

stingray pattern

I made this pattern for my granddaughter's room to be hung from the ceiling and it was great. Very easy. I added some iron on interfacing to make the tail and wings stiff so they wouldn't flop when hanging.

Narqwhal pattern

I purchased this pattern to make for my granddaughter but haven't made it yet. Looks easy and cute.

Good Pattern!

It's a good pattern, just Sooo many pieces!

The Perfect Gift

I bought this wonderfully unique Black Galaxy Bat as a gift for a wonderful young woman. She had discovered it about a year ago and immediately put it on her wish list. She was in need of some special loving and this soft plushy bat was perfect. It was delivered really fast and she loves it. It brought her joy at just the right moment.

Thank you!

So cute and soft. Got delivered to me with lots of time before Christmas. Both of them look great.

So cute, and shipped super fast

I am in love with the Galaxy Bat. I found this sewing pattern through a Google search and wanted to get one that was already made to use as a model while I make a few more of its kind to give as gifts.

It is so soft and so adorable awwwwwww ♡♡♡♡

Would buy again :)

Little sister loved it!

My sister has been into both stuffed animals and galaxy prints this year and so I found this product in my search for her Christmas gift. It came on time with no hiccups, was packaged nicely in one of those USPS sealed bags with some lovely purple tissue paper tied with yarn on the inside. It's soft, seems well made, and even stood up to being briefly burgled by the puppy. Very pleased and no complaints!

Whale digital pattern

I haven’t had time to use this pattern yet but it appears to be what I was looking for.

Cute pattern!

So happy to find this pattern! Super quick service, can't wait to make it!

Highly Recommend!

Super soft and adorable plushie, I absolutely love my bat and had been wanting it for a long time before buying. And I'm so glad I did! Delivery was super fast and I highly recommend anything from this creator.


Beautiful and very high quality, I couldn't be happier.

he cronch

I love him. So soft. My dog ate my last one so this one lives up high now. So plush and cute,m. I like to book his nose.

Cuter than expected

And I figured it was gonna be pretty darn cute, but it completely surpassed my expectations. The stitching is great, the colors are lovely, and the nose fits on my nose. Which is great for those days when you need something silly do make you smile. Thanks for the cuteness!


It was a gift for a friend, and she loves it! She took him on her Christmas vacation trip, and he is enjoying Florida. He’s very soft and adorable and guaranteed to make people smile.


I got the black bat for my friend for Christmas and it was perfect. The fabric is super high quality and soft. The galaxy designs on the inner parts looked beautiful too!

The Finest Pancake Available

This is the most beautiful handcrafted toy I've ever purchased! I call him Norman the Sea Pancake.
The quality is superb, the price is great, and the attention to detail is far better than what you can get at a store.
It's also quite durable, my sea pancake went on adventures with me all over the state, and he's still happy as a clam.
I definitely recommend BeeZeeArt for all your plushie needs!

I also loved the personalised note and beautiful wrapping included with my sting ray. This store doesn't just ship you a package with packing materials, it makes something lovely to open!
I'm definitely going to order more!

Happy with purchase

Very cute. Well made. Purchase and delivery was easy.

The best little guy

What a good little sea pancake! The craftsmanship is brilliant and he is just a good little guy that makes my day!


I love my little sea pancake

Pancake Ray

Love my pancake ray! Great product and adorable!

Battle About Bats

I love these little beings. I pledged on both Kickstarters for the black bats and the purple bats. I thought I get a white bat to complete my collection. There was a mix up in my order and I recived a black bat. I contacted the creator and she fixed it. I have my white bat now. She is such a wonderful artist. I live her stuffed animals. I am going to order more when I can. Beautifully made. They are also so soft. I love all four off my bats.


Thank you for the patterns. My 9yr old daughter loves bats and loves to sew. I am surprising her with the patterns for Christmas. We will learn to make bats together

cutest little things!

these little guys are absolutely amazing!! I fell in love with the galaxy bats ever since I started following BeeZeeArt quite a while ago, and have been waiting ever since then to get one, and I'm glad I did! They're super soft and adorable, with just the cutest huge ears! they were a little smaller than I expected (but then again I have a hard time visualizing sizes without seeing them in person), but I love them all the same!
I named mine Cassini after the NASA spacecraft that had recently ended its 20 year mission and plunged into Saturn. He now sits on my desk right by my computer, and I love him with all my heart!

Love it!

I got this as a gift for my boyfriend and he loves it, I love the quality it’s so beautiful I don’t think we could love it anymore

Cute bat pattern

Adorable bat pattern was easy to follow and now my friends all want one!

Well Written, Simple to Follow

I absolutely LOVE this pattern! It's so cute, and if you want to scale it up, it includes detailed directions on how to, and it does it really nicely. I upped the size on mine by 50% and modified it slightly to make a really cute plush of my wife's cockatiel for a Candlenights gift. These directions are super clear, include PICTURES and will make a seriously adorable cockatiel for you to cuddle. Just be aware you will need some basic sewing skills, both machine and hand (knowing how to do ladder stitch and appliques, for instance). It's worth the price!

Très satisfaite

Très contente de mon achat, facile à réaliser et résultat magnifique, mon fils est heureux ;) merci

Reviewed via Etsy on Dec 8, 2015

Easy to follow and very cute! Thanks!

Reviewed via Etsy Feb 22, 2017

Great ! I'm so exiting to do, very clear pattern, I love so much

Reviewed via Etsy Sep 11, 2016

Easy to follow along! Super cute and easy! UvU

Reviewed via Etsy on Aug 21, 2017

Easy to follow! Cute pattern! ??

Reviewed via Etsy on Apr 20, 2015

Quick, easy and really cute

Reviewed via Etsy on Oct 3, 2016

Amazing little pattern. I sit and hand sewed a few of these up. Brilliant! Will purchase patterns from this page again xxx

Reviewed via Etsy on Jan 28, 2017

Adorable! The video is fantastic. I only used the wing part for a project but plan to make a couple for my kids.

Reviewed via Etsy on Jun 16, 2017

+++ +++ ++ + ++ +++

Reviewed via Etsy on Jul 8, 2017

Such a wonderful pattern! The instructions were kinda difficult but that didn't stop me! Thanks again!

Reviewed via Etsy on May 7, 2017

Love the pattern, wish I had a way to embroider the mana and health on them. So many color possibilities!

Reviewed via Etsy Jun 11, 2016

Two amazing patterns in one!!! I am going to start with making a few beginners then move on to the more tricky one :) can't wait! They look amazing! Will definitely be buying again!

Reviewed via Etsy Dec 29, 2015

Very nice, clear instructions. Thanks

Reviewed via Etsy on Feb 29, 2016

Very well made! The seller was extremely helpful and very quick to respond to my questions. 5/5 Would recommend!

Reviewed via Etsy on Mar 6, 2017

love the pattern just wish i could sew easier on minky and fleece. Youtube tutorial was helpful and response time for questions is super fast.

Reviewed via Etsy on May 17, 2017

My daughter absolutely adores her new little bat! I increased the size of the pattern and was able to complete making her before my daughter's nap was over! Super easy pattern with very thorough instructions. Thank you! I will most certainly be back for more patterns!

Reviewed via Etsy on Aug 26, 2017

So Cute !!! looking forward to using this !!!!

Reviewed via Etsy on Oct 18, 2017

With the the video the whole thing was straight forward

Reviewed via Etsy on Jan 20, 2017

Lovely pattern and shop owner is very helpful with my sewing questions.

Reviewed via Etsy on Sep 19, 2015

This is perfect! Thanks so much!

Reviewed via Etsy Apr 5, 2016

Awesome patterns! So much fun to make.

Reviewed via Etsy Oct 13, 2016

These bats are so cute, and so easy to make! I have already made a bunch of them, and plan on making even more!~