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Love this pattern!

The finished product is wonderful. The sewing is difficult as stated in the instructions. If you are a newbie to plush animal sewing as I am you will find it easier to enlarge the pattern. Once you are comfy with your abilities then I would suggest moving to the small version. Your instructions and accompanying photos were a great help!

Easy to Follow Pattern!

I've made so many of Beezee's patterns at this point, and this one is no different than the others. It is beautifully made with detailed instructions and filled with helpful photos. I managed to follow it without any problems at all on my first try!

Great Pattern!

This was my first plushie!! Between the pattern and the video I was able to make an adorable bat with very minimal sewing skills! My bats are by no means perfect, but as a beginner I was amazed I was able to make something so cute :)

So cute!

Super fun pattern which turned my fabric into super cute bunnies. I am actually more satisfied with the outcome than expected! The video tutoral was a great addition to the detailed description. For now I have decided against the whiskers and sculpting because I like them the way they are, but I might give it a try at some point. I really enjoy experimenting with different options for the ears, despite the patience it costs me to redo them several times until I am satisfied haha. Also the first time I used any kind of interfacing and it was easier than anticipated! Already more bunnies planned for the future...

Quick, Easy, and Adorable!

Love it! So easy and cute!

Awesome pattern!

My son saw me looking at pictures on IG and of course needed one of his own. 😉 I don’t always buy patterns but this was well worth it! The directions to size up were super helpful and I was able to make him a perfectly huggable size. 😍 Thanks for a great pattern and easy to follow directions. 🙌

Love these little guys!

I was intimidated at first, I sew a bit so not really a beginner but not highly skilled either, it is definitely tricky but worth the efforts! I watched the video tutorial a couple times before starting and it really helped, particularly the tips about ear placement and how to handle the double dart for the bats tush. I made my first attempt using the standard size and it turned out really cute, but kind of wonky in the face as I struggled with the small pieces. My second attempt (pictured) was scaled up to 125% and was much more successful, its still very petite and cute but that little extra was enough to make a big difference in how easy the project was. I look forward to making many more of these!

Easy to Follow & Absolutely Adorable!

As with all of BeeZeeArt's patterns, this one was extremely easy to follow with detailed pictures and a video companion as well. The instructions were very clear and had pictures with sewing lines, etc in all the steps - often more than one per step! Overall, loved the pattern and the final product!
P.S. The pattern called for black minky, but I substituted the extra grey for ears/legs.

Great pattern

Such a great easy tip follow pattern. I live these little guys and her video is super helpful if you get stuck at all.

Awesome pattern

Just wanted to say thank you for this pattern. My miss 8 loves dragons, so this was a must for her. She chose her fabrics and the end result was a one-of-a-kind dragon that she loves. The instructions were easy to follow and also suited to cotton fabrics- we love how he turned out. Thanks!

Great pattern for beginners!

I loved making this - it's the first time I've ever made a plushie, and the first time I've ever used a sewing machine, so it was a relief that the pattern was so easy to follow. I love how my shark turned out - thank you so much for making such a lovely pattern :D

Adorable bats

The instructions were pretty straight forward for the most part, and where I was confused was explained in the video tutorial. I went a bit crazy and made 8 bats in a few days. Fun little sewing project, and fairly easy to handsew as I don't have a sewing machine.

Such a great first pattern

This is the first plush I’ve sewn since giving up on plushes about 10 years ago bc I thought they were too hard... fear not this pattern is so amazing. I used cotton first to help me have control and then made it with minky. Instructions were so clear and pattern is wonderfully made. Already purchased more patterns from @beezeeart

Batsy bat's

The cuttest little bat's i have found:). The pattern and instructions where very clear and easy to work with:).

Plush Witch Hat Plush Sewing Pattern - Digital Downlaod
Cute little witches hat

It was a realy fun project to begin with and im probably gonna make alot more of them XD. You can realy make it as versitiale as you want. You can make it your personal style and have fun with it:).

Cute Bats

I have made 4 bats, 3 small and 1 larger (125%j, for my daughter and grandchildren, who love them. I did find them challenging, but easier after the first one, the bigger one was the easiest.

Love it!

It was my first sewing project ever and it went so much better than I expected! The pattern is so easy to follow and everything is perfectly explained, I followed it and the video and the bat turned out great!

Super fun pattern!

Fun and cute pattern, and best part is you can make 2 different plushies with it hehe
Instructions are clear and helpful :) I recommend scaling up at least 150%, it's easier to sew, and also recommend hand sewing instead of using a sewing machine. The turns are hard to make in such a small plushie and you can end up with a lot of holes in your seams.

Great pattern

Super cute, easy-to-follow instructions. I love it!

Very good!

This pattern is really good and easy to follow. I scaled the pattern up to about 300% to make a big stingray!

Absolutely Amazing Pattern

It was easy to scale up and piece together when it printed across pages, and it was even easier to put together. I made two in an afternoon and me and my new baby cousin are going to love them for a good long time. The tail does flop a little bit when filled with poly pellets instead of fiber fill, but I think I can probably fix that by ripping a seam and stuffing in some fluff pretty easily!

Quickly become one of my favorite stuffed animals

I brought this little guy To help me with my anxiety something small enough to hide and I love it so much! It's soft and well made

Small but adorable

I bought this adorable plush for my daughter I was very happy with the smile on her face when I gave it to her the quality of it was great very well done the best part was the color of the plush I ordered the purple one which of course is my daughters favorite color the only thing that was a little disappointing was the size it is a lot smaller than it looks in photos plus its not as soft as it looks which I thought it would be but happy with my purchase none the less she named him Ubi :)

Great pattern!

I’m a seasoned seamstress, but I’ve never made plush before. Easy to follow instructions. My little guy turned out great!

Adorable little friend

A really great pattern, the instructions are way more easy to follow than normal commercial patterns. I'm excited to make more of these!