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Absolutely love it!

I absolutely adore this little pancake stingray. Very soft and light weight! Perfect for any gift or to add to your personal collection! Will definitely order other styles in the future!

Now I just want pancakes

Ordered two as gifts, kind of regret not getting a third for myself! They're super soft and adorable, and the maple syrup scent smells so good. Extremely cute, 100/10, would bury myself in them and take a nap.


I haven't made the latest pattern I got but I have others from her and she is AMAZING! I love her and her patterns.
Fantastic customer service! Great adorable patterns!

Great item and quick shipping

Well-made and shipped quickly to my house. Everyone who has seen it now wants one their own.


So adorable! I’m glad I was able to catch an update and get one for my daughter for her birthday in March.

Soooo Cuute

Hi- okay first of all, this is one of the cutest plushies I've ever had! On top of that they are hand made which is awesome :) I got mine scented as well and the maple syrup scent is amazing!

What a cutie!

Great pattern, love this!

Incredible craftsmanship

I ordered a sea pancake and from other reviews and pictures I was already expecting a high quality plush but when it showed up I was absolutely blown away at how amazing it is! I can see the love and care put into every stitch and I can't commend you enough! I'm in love with this plush!!

Give it a try!

It's really easy and helpfull (I have no experience with plush making but I sew dress and costume for me and my friends), a nice prodoct to give you an hand to realize a gift for your loved one! Love it~☆

A very adorable plush I just had to have! Considering it was a pre-order, it came sooner than I expected. Made of very soft material that demands that I pet him constantly. I’m very happy with my sea pancake! 🌊🥞

Very cute and makes me smile :)

The stuffed sea pancake that I got is so cute, and the scent is pretty strong which is nice. I love the smell of maple syrup!

Kinda small

Hi I love my little guy so much. He is a bit smaller than I expected and would've liked but It's adorable anyways. I love that it's handmade and very soft
Thank you!

Whale shark

Awesome easy pattern.

Challenging but worth it!

This was my first time making a stuffed animal and some of the aspects of the plush were a bit challenging. Let me just say that it was worth it! Once you've made one, making more is waaaay easier. Still learning, but having fun doing it!

So cute smells great

I love him so much the quality of the fabric is nice and so soft the scent isn’t overbearing. 10/10 amazing purchase


Absolutely adorable little guy. Well made. Check out @vehicularbanter for a little unboxing video!

Very fun

Very easy to follow, made an adorable bat <3

Great pattern

Such comprehensive instructions, everything is covered, thank you

Whale that wasn't so bad!

Easy pattern! I got a little lost at a couple parts, but the video cleared up any confusion I had. Sometimes you just need someone to show you. I had a hard time finding 15mm, so I got 16mm and looks just as great :)

I love it

It’s a Awesome and Cute Pattern for the Loch Ness/ Nessie and Dino.
I mostly liked making the Nessie Pattern I had made two so far.
It’s Super Cute.
Would Recommend if You Like Dino and Loch Ness.
It’s Super easy for me to make with my years of experience of sewing plushies with just hand Sewing.
Thank you BeeZeeArt

Fun project

My granddaughter and I made some bats together and love our little minky friends!! We’re now making some as gifts, personalizing the contrast fabric to match the person’s personality. The only real difficulty we had was with getting the ears on the head correctly. My granddaughter read ahead and saw where the ears get tacted into position as the last step, I would suggest adding an asterisk to the ear step to reference to the last step that way if they look a little wonky at first it won’t cause you stress and time with the seam ripper!🤪 We plan on enlarging the pattern to make different sized bats!! Love the pattern overall!!!

Cute companion

Exceptionally well made, came packaged beautifully and swift shipping. If you like cute plushie companions I highly recommend getting one or more of these plushie bats.

Cute little fellow!

I used the Simplicity pattern and it turned out really nice!
Thought to leave a review here, since I really liked it. The instructions are clear to follow and I
will definitely make another. And some other patterns from BeeZeeArt ;) Thanks for the great work.

Best Dragon Pattern

This is by far the best and cutest dragon pattern and its so easy to modify into different things! I love how my pumpkin and ghost dragon came out.