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I absolutely love these patterns I have quite a few now. Patterns are easily downloaded to print and easy to read and follow. You won’t be disappointed. I can’t wait to start my batty.


I am so incredibly impressed by the quality of this plush. Minky isn't the easiest to work with, especially in a 6in plushie... but it is soooooo soft! Stunning pattern and absolutely adorable. Highly recommend it :) It's even better in person.
I love this one so much I'm planning on buying the larger size! :)

How can you say no to that face?!

Plushies are super therapeutic for me, so I really enjoy carrying this guy around in my bag. The texture is so soft and comforting. Very soft and well stuffed (which I was really impressed by). Adorable in pictures but even better in person!

Very fun and easy pattern

I hand-sew everything since I don't have a machine, but this was still so much fun to make. Got it done relatively quickly without any struggle. I made a bat with holographic fabric as a birthday gift (I used my camera's flash to try and get the rainbow effect to show). I'm currently making another one with different fabrics for myself, and I plan on making these fairly regularly. I highly recommend this pattern for anyone with sewing experience.

Very nice, well loved. Smaller than expected.

Cute and lovely!

Pattern is easy to understand, takes multiple fabrics well and makes some of the most adorable bats ever!

Awesome pattern and easy to follow with the video!!

Very cute and clever pattern! It was fun to sew. I made a fruit bat.


Going to make these as Christmas tree ornaments and give them as gifts this year.

Tiny deer

I have not made this yet. I can tell there will have to adjust the width of the legs. They are too narrow. Even with adding a decent seam allowance.

Tiny dragon

This pattern is cute. Just too small. I will have to blow it up.

I love this pattern! It is a good size and can be made easily.

So adorable!

This was a really fun plush to make! The video was a lot of help to me. Some spots in the directions were hard to understand without seeing it done, so it was great to have. The pattern was a bit challenging since I was hand sewing, I don't have a machine, but it was well worth the effort!

Simple Pattern!

I had a lot of fun making this one! I don't have a sewing machine, but it was very easy to hand sew. The directions were easy to follow and the stuffie came out great!

Halloween or bust

These are going to be perfect for this year's Halloween Party placeholders. Simple enough to do in a short time, but unique enough to become a gifted decoration after dinner.

Looking forward to making it

Easy to understand instructions, clear pattern, and easily printed.

So much fun to make!

I really enjoy making all kinds of little bats using this pattern! It's super easy to follow and you can make little tweaks to personalize the pattern. I made one for my nephew (can't wait to give it to him) and have already started making different themed fruit bats!

To really make the process go faster I was able to upload the pdfs to my cricut account and use my cricut maker to cut out the pieces! (honestly this has saved me so much time and saved my hands from cutting them out!)

I definitely plan on buying more patterns (in fact I'm about to buy the unicorn one right now!)

Worth the effort!

I bought this pattern to make the winged dragon for my friend as a birthday gift. Now that she has said gift, I know it was worth it! She loved it!

I’m new-ish to sewing and this was my second stuffed animal ever. A few things I had to re-do cuz the first time didn’t go right, but nothing too major. If you’re newer to sewing, take your time and study the directions! I really liked the detailed pictures and how they combined with the written steps. For that reason I’m glad I got the pattern from Beezee rather than the simplicity version. I do better with good pics than illustrations. I used flannel fabrics instead of minky or something fluffier.

Bottom line: well made pattern that will yield a dragon!

Attached picture is what I posted on Pinterest.

Thanks for the great tips and for including a picture! Your dragon turned out amazing!
Great Fun Pattern

I have 2 problems with the patterns, my first is my daughter LOVES all of them - I bought 6 but she wants them all (and I really don't blame her)! My second issue is I looked everywhere on the website but couldn't find anywhere to download an extra day in the week to get to all of my sewing (LOL).
The pattern is awesome, the instruction are so clear and easy, the download was a breeze and it was great fun shopping on the website. As close to perfect as a craft nut could hope for.
Thank you


Beautifully made and the materials are so soft.

The reviews say it all. Comes as depicted, and sells out quick. Definitely worth.

We love Batritto!

My daughter and I ran across Batritto and could not physically stop ourselves from adding to cart and checking out. It is too cute, super soft, and the perfect size for our adventures. It is now part of her "BFF Crew" and comes with us everywhere. We love that little guy!

White galaxy bat!

Cute, as pictured, with fast shipping. Seriously considering purchasing the patterns so I can make my own custom ones!