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I absolutely love it, it is so soft and cute ❤


Came out so cute! Easy enough for a beginner to follow!

Excellent and easy

I love the simple instructions and extra details given in this pattern. It was very easy to follow and turned out great!

Awesome bat friends

This was a great purchase. The pattern is resize-able and very easy to follow. The instructions that came with the pattern were really great and easy to follow. This was the first time I’ve followed a complex pattern, and I didn’t have much trouble at all making these bats. This was a super fun pattern to do, and I can’t wait to make more, and maybe try other patterns. (I attached a picture of two of the bats I made).

It's super cute and beautiful! I love it!

I absolutely love it ❤️

First purchase and I'm very happy I was able to grab one of these bats. High quality and the packing was super cute.

Easy to follow directions.

This was very fun to make! I LOVE watching how it come to life as I made it.


Bats. So so many bats. Love the pattern. Can’t stop making bats. I have so many now. I love them all. My first few were a little odd but I love them all the more for it. My life is overrun with bats. All of my friends now have bats. Bats. So so so many. Bats. I am making more. The world will be filled with them. Bats. 🦇

Amazing pattern

Absolutely love this pattern super easy to follow and the plushies are just so cute!


Adorable and soft, a good friend!

Pride shark

I love this pride shark! I got it for my daughter who is only 12 years old but has known who she is for many many years. There is not a lot of support for children who are part of the pride community and I'm happy you were able to make something so cute and cuddly for her that helps her feel included.

very sweet bat

an adorable bat thats simple to follow and easy to make, the only thing i thing would help is if the video tutorial showed what each part should look like finished before starting to show how to sew it together as i got confused with with with square part of the tail area. my 2nd attempt was much better.

super cute and very easy

this is a very good plushie for people learning to sew. it teaches you darts and basic sewing. I messed up the first time around and had to do it over but that was on me not the pattern (accidentally traced on the wrong side and kept sewing the darts on the wrong side of the fabric). if you don't have safety eyes than buttons or pieces of fabric whip stitched to the face works too. I made mine out of fleece and I also put poly pellets in the feet.

Great pattern!

My son asked for an axolotl plush and I came across this pattern. He loved it. The pattern is wonderful with great instructions and helpful illustrations. This was my first time working with minky fabric and oh my does it shed like crazy! The end result is a lovely cuddly plush though. Totally worth it. I did end up using smaller safety eyes than suggested. Just a personal preference. Thanks for this great pattern!

My cat stole it

Loved the pattern, very clear and easy to follow. Made a little green ray but my cat took it before I could take anymore pictures

Super Cute! 😍

I’m definitely still learning my way around sewing but this pattern makes the most adorable little bats! The instructions are well written and easy to work through. Plus the YouTube video is an amazing second resource. Definitely give this pattern a shot!!!


This bat plush is so cute and so well made. It made a great addition to my other bat items ❤🦇

Best idea ever

Me and my friend were feeling a little down when I stumbles upon this plush pattern. My friends call me Ray, so I wanted to make one. We spend all afternoon making little rays. Now we plan to make an army of them. The instructions are easy to follow, even with zero experience. The project doesn't look intimidating at all, and you get amazing results. 100 out of 10 from me. We for sure want to try out some other patterns as well.

Great pattern!

I bought a sewing machine recently and wanted to start learning to sew so go this pattern and found it very easy to follow!

It is a very nice pattern i like it. I alrady sew it 5 or 6 times they are so cute.


I absolutely adore this pattern, it’s super cute. The instructions are really easy to follow too.

Chonky cute

I first got some extremely cheap fabric because it's my first plush (and I forgot to wash it beforehand so in the end my fingers were blue) and because it wasn't super soft, I just stuffed the whole stingray this time. She's a chonky baby and I love her!! I got some fleece now so this weekend I'm trying to exactly follow the steps. :)

PS. Often people pronounce my name as Rog in Dutch, and a Rog is the Dutch word for stingray so that's why I'm super happy beezee had a stingray pattern because it's like an inside joke. I think I will also get shark or norwal patterns after I made some more stingrays!!

Really fun to make

I had a lot of fun trying out the pattern although I got some hilarious results to begin with. I loved how they came out at the end.

A great find!

Super adorable and arrived very fast, absolutely love it!