Shoulder Dragon Plush Sewing Pattern, Stuffed Animal Pattern, PDF File, Digital Download

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Create a fun, fantasy friend who will perch on your shoulder with this shoulder dragon plush sewing pattern. This dragon stuffed animal is designed to sit nicely on a shoulder, but can also stand on its own which looks like it is jumping. It does not use wires or other armature so it remains perfectly snuggleable.

This pattern includes instructions to create 3 different dragon designs. The most basic is the plain dragon which includes no additional ornamentation. There is also a winged dragon which has 2 toned wings and spikes running down its back. The most difficult variation is the maned dragon which includes a fur mane running down its head and back and a fur puff at the end of its tail.

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My shoulder dragon plush pattern with written instructions and accompanying photographs needed to create the 3 variations of the dragon. The pattern includes 1/4 of an inch seam allowance as well as showing exact sewing lines.

Your finished dragon will measure approximately 19 inches long and 6 inches tall, though the curved shape makes it difficult to measure exactly. It’s designed to sit on a shoulder.

Tools and Materials:
• Main Color Minky (~18x24 inches)
• Accent Color Minky (~18x16 inches)
• Faux Fur (~ 6x18 inches for maned dragon)
• 1 Pair 15mm Safety Eyes
• Matching Thread
• Stuffing / Stuffing Tool
• Scissors
• Sewing Needle / Sewing Machine


Skill Level:
Intermediate (7/10)
This is an advanced pattern. Comfortable knowledge of plush sewing will be required. Advanced techniques are used to attach the legs. The hardest part is sewing with slippery fabric with so many curves and the long, skinny shape of the dragon can cause problems. The different dragons may vary is difficulty level.

Important Info:
You may sell items with this pattern, provided that you credit the pattern design to BeeZeeArt. Under no circumstances may you redistribute, sell, or otherwise claim these patterns as your own.

I DO NOT offer refunds on digital downloads so please purchase accordingly.

Feel free to message me if you have any further questions.

(This pattern is also licensed to simplicity as pattern #8715. If you own the Simplicity pattern, there is nothing new in this pattern. However, Simplicity creates their own pattern markings, writes their own instructions, and adds their own illustrations so there will be variations between the two patterns. One of the biggest differences is that I use step by step photos rather than illustrations which may be helpful if you're a more visual learner.)

Customer Reviews

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Ms. Pam Palmer
Shoulder dragon

Came together beautifully. Definitely one I can make again! And the little one loved it!

Great pattern!

I saw one of these at a shop and decided I wanted to try and make one! I know I probably should've chosen a easier pattern for my first ever sewing project, but it went really well. The instructions were easy to follow and I'm really glad I have it a go!

Marian Spencer
Shoulder Dragon

Pattern sews up perfectly. Ability to make a few changes eg, jointed limbs without changes the effect of the dragon. Everything fit together very well.

Love this dragon pattern

So i had first bought the pattern from Walmart and realizing that i didnt want to go the frustraing of needing to buy the pattern again and again i wanted to support the creator. And man Beezees instructions and pattern is way less complicated than the one simplicity hands out. I had a blast combining the mane and wings. From beezees instruction i have to say this is my most professional dragon that ive made so far

Kathy Hoare
Stoked to find this pattern!

I had bought this as a paper pattern a few years ago and couldn’t find it anywhere!! So I was really happy to find it for sale as a PDF and the video tutorial was really helpful as well! I just wish I could sew it as easily as she seems to do it! 😊