Dinosaur and Loch Ness MonsterStuffed Animal Sewing Pattern - Digital Download

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This listing is for a PDF digital download of my loch ness monster and dinosaur patterns. This is one of the first patterns created by BeeZeeArt and is a great 2 for 1 option for those looking for get the most out of a pattern. These stuffed animals are perfect for children as they contain very few small parts. Replacing the eyes with embroidered eyes should make them very child friendly.

Find more fun patterns here: https://bit.ly/2JI7jaz


This listing is for an instant digital download of the patterns for both my dinosaur and loch ness monster in .pdf form with illustrated instructions. This pattern does not include seam allowance.

Finished plush will measure approximately 9 inches long and 5 inches tall by default, but includes instructions on how to size it up to be larger if desired.


Skill Level:
This is an easy pattern. The hardest part is attaching the bottoms of the feet on the dinosaurs.

Important Info:
You may sell items with this pattern, provided that you credit the pattern design to BeeZeeArt. Under no circumstances may you redistribute, sell, or otherwise claim these patterns as your own.

I DO NOT offer refunds on digital downloads so please purchase accordingly.

Feel free to message me if you have any further questions.

Customer Reviews

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Kristin W.
I love it

It’s a Awesome and Cute Pattern for the Loch Ness/ Nessie and Dino.
I mostly liked making the Nessie Pattern I had made two so far.
It’s Super Cute.
Would Recommend if You Like Dino and Loch Ness.
It’s Super easy for me to make with my years of experience of sewing plushies with just hand Sewing.
Thank you BeeZeeArt

Sarah L
Wonderful pattern but with a huge learning curve

Overall, I liked the pattern. I’ve made 5 dinos from it so far... but there was a huge learning curve in getting them to look right from this pattern and instructions so it took that many attempts to finally make one I considered good (not Frankenstein-ed back together or derpy because the eyes were crooked). 1. The pattern has no seam allowance; this was noted in several places in the pattern, but adding in a consistent ¼” seam allowance myself was time-consuming. 2. It was suggested that I add safety eyes at step one, but I could never get both eyes back through the neck. I finally ended up adding them after flipping the dinosaur (which also helped me hide imperfections in my construction and still get the eyes centered on each side of the head). 3. Instructions included many pictures to assist with understanding, yay! – until I got to step 5 and it said “fold the leg darts in on themselves” and nothing in the pattern was labeled as a “leg dart.” However, I contacted the artist and got a very fast response which included a link to a very informative blog post and this made total sense afterward. 3. I think it should be labeled as a hand-sewing pattern. This was my first pattern from this artist, so I didn’t know that the artist often sews these patterns by hand. Once you put in the safety eyes, the sewing machine can’t maintain a ¼ inch seam allowance for the head sewing UNLESS you use your machine’s zipper foot. There is no hope for the feet of the long neck dino, however. There’s simply no way to attach a ¾” circle with a machine. If I’d known, I would have enlarged the pattern before beginning. 4. The suggestion was to leave part of the body open to flip the dino, but this never gave me enough room. I ended up either leaving the tail open or making a cut along the center of the belly to flip the dinos right-side out. 5. I upcycled a T-shirt when I tried the long neck dino at the original size. Since I backed it with interfacing to prevent stretch when I traced the pattern, I needed to clip corners to help it lay right (this isn’t necessarily the pattern’s fault since it calls for fleece which doesn’t need corners clipped like a non-stretchy fabric). Just yet another note to self I had to make to get the dinos to look good from this pattern.

Emily Gleichner
this pattern isn't easy if you're using a...

this pattern isn't easy if you're using a machine so be warned! hand sewing would be easier especially with the size of this pattern. i sized up my pattern and it was still too small. overall it's a great pattern and easy to follow

Elisabet Nicolas
Super cute pattern and super easy to read/...

Super cute pattern and super easy to read/follow!

Kayla Weissnat Eydel
fairly easy to follow, very cute

fairly easy to follow, very cute