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Stingray Stuffed Animal Sewing Pattern - Digital Download

$ 9.00

Create your own fantastic stingray plush with this digital sewing pattern! Quick, easy, and fun, this is the perfect pattern for beginners as well as more advanced sewers. You'll be creating an army of cute, snugly stingrays in no time.

This pattern is a digital download and is in .PDF format. 

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Your .PDF download will include the stingray pattern itself, printing instructions, suggested cutting layouts, 2 pages of sewing tips, and a step by step written tutorial along with accompanying full color photographs to help you complete your project. 

The pattern includes both a 1/4 inch seam allowance and the exact sewing lines. 

Your finished stingray will be approximately 5 inches long (not including tail) and 10.5 inches wide at the fins.

Tools and Materials You Will Need:
• Main Color Minky ( 9 x 11 in )
 Accent Color Minky ( 12 x 12 in )
 1 Pair 9mm Safety Eyes
 Air Soluble Marking Pen
 Matching Thread

+ All other sewing supplies you may need for a regular sewing project including scissors, straight pins, sewing needles, and (optionally) a sewing machine. 


Skill Level:
Beginner (2/10)
This stingray is very easy to create and requires only basic knowledge of plush sewing. The pattern uses top sewing to separate the wings from the body and this is the only special technique used in this pattern. 

Important Info:
You are free to sell items created with this pattern provided that you credit the pattern to BeeZeeArt. A link back to my site ( is greatly appreciated. You may not, under any circumstances, redistribute, sell, or otherwise claim this pattern, including associated photos, as your own.

You are purchasing a digital sewing pattern in .PDF format. This is not a finished product, a kit, or a printed pattern. No physical products will be sent to you. There are no refunds. Please purchase accordingly.

Feel free to message me if you have any further questions.

Customer Reviews

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Adam Shuman S
Awesome pattern! The instructions were ver...

Awesome pattern! The instructions were very helpful, this was the first plushie I've ever made and I didn't have any trouble at all with it, my little guy turned out great. I loved all the suggestions about fabric type and stitch length for this project as well, it made the whole process much easier!

Well Dressed Ziemann
cute, cuddly and super easy

cute, cuddly and super easy

Macka Oberbrunner
Was a great time doing with with my girlfr...

Was a great time doing with with my girlfriends help and patience. 10/10 would recommend, simple yet rewarding.

Sally Gibson
Great pattern, super detailed and easy to...

Great pattern, super detailed and easy to understand!

Melinda Strosin
So cute and easy to follow! Thank you for...

So cute and easy to follow! Thank you for sharing your creative patterns!