Artist Alley Checklist

Artist Alley Checklist

Hello again, everyone! I wanted to share with you my checklist for the artist alley. I was just searching for a pre-made list that might help me start putting mine together and I couldn't find one that really fit for me. Maybe my list will be helpful for others who think and pack like me.


Convention Checklist


  • Inventory (plushies, pins, etc)

  • Pinback button maker (I make most of my pins as people buy them to save time and reduce wasted supplies)

  • Hole puncher

  • Pinback button parts

  • All table display items (Crates, shelves, price signs, studio name banner, tablecloth, etc)

  • Wire racks and connectors (I use these behind or under my table for storing all this stuff I’m bringing)

  • Hand cart (not all convention centers allow them, but very useful for reducing the number of trips. I have one that converts into a smal flat bed card and can fold mostly flat for storage, it's a life saver)

  • Clothes pins

  • Safety pins

  • 1 Clear push pin (to hang a sign of mine, I always forget)

  • Tape (both duct tape and scotch tape)

  • Scissors

  • Sewing needle

  • Thread in white and black (needle and thread are for at con plush repairs that might pop up)

  • Chalk marker and wet sponge (to edit my signs if needed)

  • Business cards

  • Card holder

  • Shopping bags (people often ask if I have bags so I try to bring them now)

  • Inventory sheet

  • Phone

  • Phone charger

  • Portable charger and cables (super useful since most convention centers charge an insane price for power)

  • Price tags

  • Pen (or pencil)

  • Card reader

  • Change (I usually need $20 in 1’s and $100 in 5’s, I go through $5’s like crazy)

  • Cash box

  • Cash box keys

  • Lanyard (not all cons give them out, clip on badges or paper badges on a lanyard with no plastic protector are easy to steal, it happens more than you'd think)

  • Hand sanitizer (And use it religiously!)

  • Lotion (because the hand sanitizer will dry your hands out)

  • Breath mints, gum, etc (When you talk you actually bring up odors from the back of your mouth that you wouldn’t usually smell when you are just breathing. On top of that, a dry mouth can cause bad breath. Talking all day and being stuck at a table where you might not be getting enough water can quickly turn into really bad breath your customers wont thank you for.)

  • Chapstick (potentially not drinking enough while stuck behind a table + talking = dry lips)

  • Water bottle

  • Snacks to eat at the table (High energy foods, junk food will leave you hungry again in an hour and won’t get you through a 14 hour work day, 2-3 days in a row)

  • Fatigue mat to stand on (I try to stand as much as possible to engage more customers)

  • Pillow to sit on if needed (con chairs are never comfy)

  • Pain killers (for when both of the last two things aren't enough)

I always seem to forget at least one thing at a convention so I've probably forgotten something on this list, but hopefully this gives a good idea of what to bring. When I first started I basically just brought wire shelves, my products, a table cloth, and a little box with my card reader. Over the years I've gotten a pretty good idea of what I want. Even if it means cramming my car a bit more full and making one more trip, it's worth it to be able to take care of myself over the weekend. Even if I don't use things like the tape or scissors, I inevitably have another artist asking to borrow some, so it's a good idea to bring extras of some stuff just to be a good neighbor.

Hope that helps!