Galaxy Bats are Back!

Galaxy Bats are Back!

Galaxy Bats are Back!

I just got word that a fresh batch of galaxy bats will be arriving soon!

For those who are new, I have a few of my galaxy bats produced overseas because the demand for them is too high for me to keep up with as just one person without significantly raising my prices. Initially I raised the funds via Kickstarter as plush production is a very expensive investment that is difficult to fund as a single person. 

This year I was able to self fund a small batch of black and purple bats. Because I have limited funds, I chose not to re-stock the white bats at this time as they are the least popular of the 3 colors. (Which isn't to say they'll never be back, but it's a goal that will need to wait for the future)

The bats are currently passing through customs. Barring any issues, they should be arriving as soon as tomorrow! 

As such, I've opened up order for them once again! Please be patient, they may still run into some issues at customs, but if all goes according to plan they should be shipping out by the end of the week :) 

You can purchase the black bat here.
And the purple bat here. 

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