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Grumpy Red Panda Pattern Retiring Soon!

The grump red panda pattern will be retiring this week. Until August 1st it will be available at a reduced rate of $5 (regularly $7). After that it's gone for good! 

This will be the first time I officially retire a pattern. Unofficially the bee pattern has been retired and unavailable for awhile now. I plan on eventually creating a new bee pattern with a similar design, but with the grumpy red panda I think it's time to say goodbye to this design. 

While I still find it quite cute, the pattern is rather dated. It was created in May 2015 and my skills have improved by leaps and bounds since then. I feel like it no longer accurately represents the quality many of my customers have come to expect from a BeeZeeArt pattern. 

I have been regularly updating my older patterns, but in this case the red panda is not as popular and I don't think the weeks it would take me to update it would be a good use of my time. I think it's best to focus my energy on creating new designs and updating more popular patterns. 

I still think it's quite a cute plush, though! So you may see the red panda return in the future as an ITH (in the hoop) design similar to the otter. 

So if you are interested in picking up your copy of the grumpy red panda pattern, head over and snag one before August 1st! After that, it will be gone forever.

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