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New Opossum Sewing Pattern

New Opossum Sewing Pattern

New Opossum Sewing Pattern

I'm so excited to announce the newest sewing pattern is the opossum pattern! 

This is a very good intermediate pattern and would be great for a confident beginner looking to branch into a more difficult pattern. If you've made a basic 4 legged plush before, this is just a slight step up due to the color changes. There's two areas that are a bit more difficult: Where the head attaches to the body and where the chin attaches to the belly. Both of these areas are extreme opposing curves so if you haven't handled opposing curves before it could present a challenge. Especially when sewing slippery minky. 

The pattern markings include both 1/4 inch seam allowance and the exact sewing lines. The instructions are written with accompanying full color photos. And the new version of my pattern layout also includes a few pages explaining how to size up or down your pattern, how to sew with minky, and some plush sewing basics. 

You can find more info about this pattern at the listing. I hope you guys love this one as much as I do! 

If you're on the fence, there's also a video for this pattern so you can check that out and see if this project is right for you: 

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