Working Hard on Videos!

If you've been keeping up with me on social media, you might have noticed I've been posting a lot more videos than usual. In fact, I've rarely posted any before now.

The reality is, I can't avoid video work any longer. Videos make explaining my patterns much easier. No space or page limit and I can show people exactly how to do it rather than fumbling to find the words to explain it. Up until now, I had hundreds of reasons to avoid making videos, which has always been ironic given that my significant other is currently a videographer and has worked in film his whole life.

I'm buckling down this year. I've ordered new lights, new camera equipment, and I'm trying lots of new things. I'm sure I'll make plenty of really awful videos, but I'm learning every step of the way which is what's really important. So far I've had great feedback from customers on how helpful it is to have a video to go with their patterns so that is encouraging. My current goal is to figure out a good way to light my work space and I'm hoping my new lights will help. Because my sewing machine is so bright it tends to create a giant blown out area in my videos. My new light should provide a more even, bright lighting around the machine so that it isn't a bright spot in the middle of a dark room.

So if you want to see what sorts of video stuff I've been up to, hop over to my Youtube channel and check it out:

If you have any suggestions or recommendations for future videos please let me know!

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