Mix and Match Snake Stuffed Animal Sewing Pattern

$ 9.00

Mix and match to create your perfect snake plush! This pattern includes 2 different head shapes, 3 different body shapes, an optional raised neck, and an optional cobra hood for the raised neck. You'll follow along with the instructions in a "choose your own adventure" style to create exactly what you want. In total, you can create 18 different combinations of snakes with just this one pattern! 

This pattern is a digital download and is in .PDF format. 

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Your .PDF download will include the snake patterns for 2 head shapes, 3 body shapes, and an optional raised neck and cobra hood. There are printing instructions, suggested cutting layouts, 3 pages of sewing tips, and a step by step written tutorial along with accompanying full color photographs to help you complete your project.

The pattern pieces include both a 1/4 inch seam allowance and the exact sewing lines.

Snakes vary in size. They are 7-10 inches long and raised neck snakes are 7 inches tall.

Tools and Materials You Will Need:
• Minky Fabric ( ~ 1/4 yard )
 1 pair 10mm Safety Eyes
 Turning/Stuffing Tools
 Matching Sewing Thread
 3 Pipe Cleaners (Optional - Used optionally to support a raised neck)
 Weighted Beads (Optional - Used optionally to add weight for balance with a raised neck)

+ All other sewing supplies you may need for a regular sewing project including scissors, straight pins, sewing needles, and (optionally) a sewing machine. 


Skill Level:
Beginner (3/10)
This pattern is simple, but the difficulty varies based on the options you choose. A snake with a raised neck will be harder than a basic snake. Specific skills include turning and stuffing long, skinny pieces and hand sewing. 

Important Info:
You are free to sell items created with this pattern provided that you credit the pattern to BeeZeeArt. A link back to my site (www.BeeZeeArt.com) is greatly appreciated. You may not, under any circumstances, redistribute, sell, or otherwise claim this pattern, including associated photos, as your own.

You are purchasing a digital sewing pattern in .PDF format. This is not a finished product, a kit, or a printed pattern. No physical products will be sent to you. There are no refunds. Please purchase accordingly.

Feel free to message me if you have any further questions.

Customer Reviews

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Quick and easy pattern to make!

Quick and easy pattern to make!

(This review has no content, only a star r...

(This review has no content, only a star rating)

This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD as listed. I re...

This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD as listed.
I received the download as soon as the payment processed! It's a wonderful pattern and looks easy to follow (I've yet to be able to use it since I needed new printer ink) but I am excited to use it! Thank you for this pattern!

Great pattern with amazing instructions an...

Great pattern with amazing instructions and information to go with it! I made this with my daughter (12 years old) and it turned out just like the pictures. The seem allowances are a little small (for her as a beginner), but it isn't hard to widen them before cutting out the pattern. I have already purchased our next pattern (bat) and have a few more we want to try next!

joan Bishop
instructions almost unreadable when printed

The pattern pieces look like they will make great snakes, but the instructions are only barely readable due to the pale colour.
there appears to be no way to make the printing easily readable with my over 70 yr old eyes. I wanted to use this pattern to make stuffies for my grandchildren but it will take an inordinate amount of time to get through trying to read the text.

Your printer should be printing the pattern nearly identical to how it is displayed on the screen or slightly darker due to the lack of backlighting vs. a monitor. The pattern uses a dark grey color for the font, it is not a light color text and should not be printing light. If your printer is printing incorrectly, that is an issue with your printer and not the pattern. You would have to contact your printer's manufacturer for specific trouble shooting or look at their help documentation, but in general you can try replacing the ink cartridges as a general troubleshooting. Ink that is running low or is old and may have dried out may print faded. You can also make sure you aren't using an ink saving setting or a higher speed setting such as a draft mode as these often reduce print density in order to save ink and speed up printing. Reducing the print density will make an image lighter. In addition, there's a few options you can try to get a darker print. Your printer itself may have settings you can adjust. For example, my Cannon printer has an option for manual color settings and I can click 'Color Settings' and adjust the brightness and contrast to get a darker print. You can check if this is an option with your printer. You can also adjust print settings directly from a computer by adjusting the print density. On windows this can be found under the the printing preferences for the specific printer. A more dense print will print darker.