New Feature!

New Feature!

New Feature!

I’ve now added reviews and questions to the website. You can find the reviews/questions underneath the description of each item.

Anyone can submit a review on any item. After you submit a review, you’ll receive an email that will allow you to edit your review and even add photos. This will allow people who purchase from other sites (like Etsy) or from conventions to still review products and have control over their review if they ever need to change anything.

For those who purchase directly from my website, you'll receive an email at a later date. I've tried to time this so that it arrives after you receive your item, or after you've had time to test the pattern if it's a digital download. Following the link in the email to review your purchase will give your reviews a verified purchaser badge to show others that it’s a credible review.

The questions tab will allow you to ask questions about specific items and the answers will be public so others will see that information before purchasing. Feel free to ask for any information you might feel is missing or not immediately obvious in the description, there's no stupid questions here.

If you have reviewed items via Etsy previously, I’m working on importing those that contain a written review. If you’d like to update an Etsy review or remove it from my main website for any reason, contact me to let me know. I don't have any plans at this time to import reviews from other sources as they are too spread out, but feel free to leave a new review!

I hope you guys like this new feature! I think it will be especially helpful for those who are purchasing patterns because how well your pattern will turn out will depend greatly on your own experience and learning style. This will allow you to get more information from people besides me!

Thanks in advance to any and all who take the time to leave a review! I greatly appreciate it!