New Pattern To Benefit Kitties!

New Pattern To Benefit Kitties!

New Pattern To Benefit Kitties!

Edit: The pattern is now available here:

Hey everyone! I have a special announcement to make :)

Holly of Neko Kitty Studio created a wonderfully cute kitty sketch which I patterned out! This adorable kitty comes just in time for a last minute Halloween project or to get a head start on your holiday gift giving. Working from someone else’s sketch was a unique challenge and I think the result is both cute and different.

Holly’s cat, Tramp, recently he had to have a broken tooth surgically removed and now he has an issue with his leg which they originally thought was a torn ligament, but now is being treated as a bacterial infection in his kneecap. The two ER visits plus his regular diabetes treatment is starting to add up.

So that’s where this kitty pattern comes in! Every person who donates $5 or more to Tramp’s Go Fund Me will receive this pattern. You can visit the Go Fund Me here: and select the pattern reward on the right side of the page to make your donation.

(After their goal has been met, the pattern will be available in my store at the regular price of $9 with profits going to benefit the Kent County Humane Society where I just adopted Captain Tribbles Purrcard and where my late cat, Smokey, was adopted from 13 years ago. So no matter what, you’ll be helping kitties!)



  • Darinka,

    The patterns are not automatically emailed out. Holly needs to individually send the patterns via email. Since she is human, she needs to eat, sleep, work, and do all those other things that prevent an instant response. If it’s been 24 hours or more, send her a polite message on GoFundMe (just click the mail icon next to her name on the right sidebar). Be sure to check your spam folders as well, emails from people you’ve never contacted before with attachments look suspicious and often get sent their.

    BeeZeeArt on

  • Hi!
    I did the donation and follow all steps and didn’t receive the pattern on my email :(

    Darinka on

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