New Feature: Shop Updates

New Feature: Shop Updates

New Feature: Shop Updates

I'm excited to test out a new feature which I'll be calling shop updates! Many artists already use this method to release new products when they have very limited stock and you have all voted overwhelmingly on Instagram and Facebook to have new products released in this way. 

What is a shop update? 

When I create my products I usually photograph, edit the photos, and release the products ASAP. This can happen at random times and days, depending on when I get it done. 

With a shop update model instead of releasing things randomly, I'll be releasing items at a set time and day all at once in a big batch. Those who are interested can visit the shop at that set time and purchase the items rather than constantly checking to see if there's anything new.  

What time and day will you pick? 

This isn't set into stone. I plan to have the first shop update Saturday the 29th of August at 5pm EDT. However, moving forward the time and day will change depending on what I'm working on, my schedule, and customer feedback. I want to include a variety of times/days so a greater number of people have a chance of catching a shop update. 

Do you have cart reservations or holds? 

No, there are no reservations or holds so you need to act quickly if you know there's an item you like.

What time zone are you in? 

EDT,  This is UTC - 4:00 

This will change when we leave daylight savings time on November 1st and then it will be EST or UTC - 5:00

I liked the old system better! 

I will never be able to please everyone. There will always be people who have legitimate reasons to dislike this system and vice versa. However over 70% of people I polled prefered this method of releasing new plushies. 

If you'd like to have a say in future votes like this be sure to keep your eyes on my Facebook and Instagram stories or join my Facebook group BeeZeeArt Bees to participate! 

Will the plushies be a surprise like with your summer event? 

No, I'll post pictures of the plushies that are coming as well as information about when they will be released throughout the week. The only time I keep plushies a secret is to add to the fun of my special events. 

Will this be a permanent feature? 

We'll see! For now, I'm just testing it out to make sure it works for me personally and if it is sustainable moving forward. I know that many other artists release products in this manner, but I don't know if I, personally, will like it.