Sew Scary 2020

Sew Scary 2020

Sew Scary 2020

Welcome to the best, most candy filled, most magical month of the year! I’m bat at it again this year with another Halloween extravaganza. So pull up your brooms and get ready for some fun.

Here’s the happening:


All orders for physical items placed in October will come with free Halloween themed goodies (think plastic spider rings, monster finger puppets, and pumpkin erasers). 

(Now Closed!) 

Carrying on the yearly tradition, I'll be hosting a giveaway! You can enter to win a full set of 3 galaxy bats (a total value of $75)! These bats are currently sold out and have been unavailable for quite some time so this is quite the treat.

But here's the trick! Your bats will arrive covered in glitter. That's right, you're entering to win your very own plushie glitter bomb. This year I've found a biodegradable glitter made of plant cellulose so, lucky for you, there will be less glitter than usual, but the planet will thank us.  

Since many people expressed issue with the app used or the summer celebration, this giveaway will be held on Instagram. To enter, simply visit the giveaway post and follow the rules. 

You can find it here:

The winner will be chosen via random generator and contacted via DM and must respond within 7 days or will forfeit their prize to the next chosen winner.

You must be 18 years or older and willing to provide your address including your full, legal name for delivery purposes. This giveaway is only open to countries which are currently accepting packages from the United States via USPS and do not have import bans on toy or plush items (such as Italy). Shipping is included in the giveaway.

Giveaway runs from October 1st at 12am EDT to October 7th at 11:59pm EDT, entries made after that point will not be valid.




Of course it wouldn't be October without Bat-o-Ween! 

Each day a new bat design will be released. These bats will be previewed on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at 3pm EDT and posted for sale at 5pm EDT. 

I've tried to make this years bats different from previous years. You'll see bats with unique pattern alterations, faux fur accents, matching charms, fabric prints from indie designers custom printed with Spoonflower, seasonal scents, handmade accessories, and more! 

Some things to be aware of: 

💜 Bats will be $65+ shipping
💜 There will be 3 of each bat design available
💜 Bats are first come, first serve and there are no cart holds or reservations. These are popular products and may sell very quickly. If you have your heart set on a bat, be fast. 
💜 The times listed are all EDT which is also (GMT -4). If you need to figure out what this is compared to your time zone you can good, "what time is 5pm EDT in my time zone" (or 3pm, whichever time you want to know)
💜 International buyers are responsible for all custom fees and import taxes
💜 All shipping is currently running slow due to the pandemic. Be sure to leave 6+ weeks for international orders and 3+ weeks for domestic orders


There will also be 2 releases this month. One is scheduled for October 17th at 9am EDT and 1 is scheduled for October 31st 9pm EDT to cover both morning larks and night owls. 

These releases will feature fall and Halloween themed plushies and will be posted to social media ahead of the shop releases so you'll know what's coming. 

💜 Shop releases are also first come, first serve. There are no cart holds or reservations
💜 Prices will vary based on the plushie and will be announced in the 24 hours leading up to the release


How do I buy a Halloween Bat?

You need o be online when they launch at 5pm EDT, add it to your cart, and complete checkout. These bats sell out very quickly and there are no cart holds, you aren't guaranteed a bat just because it's in your cart. Some may stick around, but most sell out in under a minute so be sure to have all your payment information ready. 

If you miss the bat you want, you can always ask me to re-create it when I am accepting custom orders. (If I have the materials, for some of these I will not) I am currently planning on accepting some custom bat orders again for Black Friday. 

Otherwise you're welcome to purchase my bat pattern and re-create the designs on your own or commission another artist who works from my bat pattern to make one for you. 

But I really loved X bat for a special reason and I can't wait until you take customs again! Can you make just one for me? 

No, that wouldn't be fair to the people out there who also really want one. In addition, I'm way way too busy during this time of year to be doing any extra work. 

Why is your giveaway only on Instagram? / I don't use Instagram 

Unfortunately I had a lot of issues with my previous giveaway methods. Running a different giveaway on every social media platform is too much to keep track of, especially since they all have different rules for how they must be run. Using an embedded giveaway app didn't work for everyone, many people complained their entries were counted. So now I'm trying it this way. 

I know I can't please everyone, but my Instagram has more followers than Facebook and Twitter combined so that's how the final decision was made. 

Can I buy a galaxy bat? 

No, I have no galaxy bats available for purchase. These 3 I reserved specifically for giveaway purposes. I have ordered more, but they will take 45+ days to arrive. So check back later if you want to simply purchase one. Otherwise the only way to get one right now is the giveaway. 


Check out these other great artist's Halloween offerings:

Sew Rumba ( will be making a batch of Halloween bats for their next batch. had a Halloween update today (you can also find them on twitter @makosharks4)

Kayleigh Campbell on Facebook ( is launching a monster bat series featuring Boo Bat; Imbatep; Were-bat; Count Batula; Frankenbat; and Jack-O-Bat

Hearthwitch Handicrafts is just starting out and will be doing a Halloween or fall themed bat per day on their site,

Adorable Potato Creations has cute Halloween products available now including some super cute candy corn mice. 


ScaredyBatStudio is making Halloween themed bats! They're a Canadian based artist who is just getting started so be sure to give them some love.