New Pattern: Laying Corgi

New Pattern: Laying Corgi

New Pattern: Laying Corgi

I hope you guys are excited for my newest pattern, the laying corgi! It's designed for maximum sploot with it's heart shaped booty on full display. The size is also larger than most of my plushies, making it wonderfully huggable. It is a more difficult plush, but I think it's worth the extra work. 

Part of the difficulty comes from the complexity. There is 4 pages of pattern pieces that results in 40 pieces of fabric when fully cut. Each must be pinned and sewed just right (pretty tricky with slippery minky) to achieve a fully finished corgi. The instructions include 34 steps. Many of which are doubled up so you have to sew something and then repeat to make the other side. It's a lot of work, it takes me around 4 hours to finish a corgi fully. 

Here's an example of an instruction page:

As usual, the pattern also includes instructions on how to size up and down in Adobe Reader when printing to make a different size plush. You'll have to alter the seam allowance when you do this (or just keep it in mind and sew with a different seam allowance than 1/4 an inch), but since the pattern includes both cutting lines and exact sewing lines, this is pretty easy to do. 

Although I wouldn't personally advise changing the size on this, I think this is a pretty perfect size. If you do change it, I'd recommend sizing up more than sizing down as sizing down will compound the difficulty. 

One of the hardest parts for me to explain with this pattern is the thread sculpting for the toes! I plan to release a full tutorial video for the corgi as well as a thread sculpting specific video, but loud construction outside my house has prevented me from filming and the sound didn't record on the first go around (Booooo). 

In the meantime, here's a great video that may help: 

When you are finished with your corgi, I find they look great decorated with traditional doggy fashions like collars, dog clothes, leashes, hair bows, and other accessories.

I hope you guys enjoy the new pattern! As always, you're free to sell your finished products, but be sure to always credit BeeZeeArt for the pattern design. I love seeing what you guys create!
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