Shop Update Info

Shop Update Info

Shop Update Info

Awhile ago I announced I would be testing out moving to a shop update style for releases and that's been overall successful so I am happy to announce this is going to be a permanent thing from now on. 

What is a Shop Update? 

A shop update is when I release a big batch of plushies for sale all at once at a set time and day. 

This allows people to plan ahead instead of relying on luck to catch a plushie in the shop.  

When Will Updates Happen?

Update times will be announced ahead of time via social media, you can also find the next update time and day on the home page of my website. 

What Items will be Available? 

I will always show previews on social media so be sure to check out Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. These posts will include the quantity and price. 

Within 24 hours of an update I will also post everything again in my Instagram stories.

How do I Buy a Plush? 

Visit my website at the update day and time and refresh until you see the new products available. You can either check the front page under "Newest Items" or you can view all items sorted by newest at

Add them to your cart and fully complete checkout. 

I recommend using autofill features to enter your information faster and be sure to have your payment method ready as updates can go quickly. 

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

♥ I am in the Eastern Time Zone. We observe daylight savings time so this means I am either in EST (UTC−05:00) or EDT (UTC-04:00) depending on the time of the year. 

♥ I use a 12 hour time system, not a 24 hour system.

♥ My products tend to sell relatively quickly. It is not unusual for the most popular items to be sold in under a minute. 

♥ Products are first come, first serve.

♥ There are no cart holds or reservations.

♥ Your computer may have a cache of the page saved so it can load faster. I recommend hard refreshing during shop updates as a result. This forces your browser to load the most recent version of the page. This will vary based on your browser and operating system. For example, if you are using Chrome on Windows you'll need to hold down Ctrl and hit F5 to hard refresh. 

♥ If you enter payment information, but don't finish checkout before an item sells out, a hold may still be placed on your account depending on your bank and checkout method used (it happens particularly often with Paypal). Holds will go away on their own after a few days. 

Read my policies for more information on payment, shipping, returns, and more

Check my FAQs for more questions in general