Winter Celebration 2020

Winter Celebration 2020

Winter Celebration 2020

Welcome to winter! To celebrate the season, I’m going to be offering a variety of goodies in my shop.

First up will be the pattern sale!

All patterns will be $3 off from Friday Nov 27th thru Monday Nov 30th. I rarely offer sales so this is a great chance to buy my patterns at a reduced price. Perhaps you can use them to create some unique holiday presents.

(This sale is only available on my website, not on Etsy, and is not combinable with other offers, during this time my 20% off 3 or more patterns will be disabled.)

Shop Update

There will also be a shop update featuring some old favorites as well as new plushies. Perhaps most exciting will be the 30 scented sea pancakes and 10 unscented sea pancakes I’ve been working on so you can pick up a pancake for the holidays. There’s also going to be a variety of bats

These plushies will be released at 12:01 am EST on Nov 27th

A few things to keep in mind:

💜 The time zone is EST (UTC−05:00), my previous releases were EDT (UTC-04:00) so the time may have shifted relative to yours as we are no longer observing daylight saving here.
💜 My products tend to sell relatively quickly depending on how popular a particular design is so if you have your heart set on a certain plush, plan to act quickly.
💜 Products are first come, first serve. You must fully complete checkout to claim them. There are no cart holds or reservations
💜 Due to the ongoing pandemic shipping may be delayed and is taking, on average, 1-2+ weeks for US orders and 6+ weeks for international orders. Please keep this in mind when ordering.
💜 International customers are responsible for all taxes and import fees
💜 You can see my policies for more info

Custom Bats

Part of the shop update will be custom bats! I’ll release 20 custom slots.

You can visit the custom bat listing for more info:

I am willing to re-make bats I’ve made in the past with printed cotton fabrics, pending availability (as some materials are no longer available). Please send an email to if you want to discuss your options.

Keep in mind these bats are custom made for each person and may take some time to create. I will keep a spreadsheet so you can see where you are in line and the progress on each bat.  This means they may not make good gifts if you need them by a specific deadline, so please keep this in mind if you are holiday shopping.

And, finally, a wintery giveaway!

One cute batty will be up for a giveaway. This batty is handmade from minky paired with a snowflake cotton and scented like peppermint.

This giveaway will run from Nov 27th thru Nov 30th over on Instagram. To enter, you’ll need to comment on the giveaway post with your favorite winter memory. A link will be available here when it’s up!
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