Summer Celebration 2022

Summer Celebration 2022

Summer Celebration 2022

It's time for another summer celebration! 

In what is now yearly tradition, my summer celebration event is returning July 1st thru the 31st! This means themed plushies, sales, and more!

My favorite part of the event is first: The Bat Picnic! 

The bat picnic is my excuse to make a month's worth of food themed bats. Each day in July I will release a new bat design. Previews will go up on social media at noon and the bats will be available for sale at 3pm EDT. There will be 3 bats of each design available. 

Bats will all have food prints on their wings and ears paired with solid color minky for their bodies. Some bats will be scented, some will not, and they'll be clearly labeled just in case you are sensitive to scents. This year I've spent a lot of time hunting so each bat will have a charm that matches their food theme. 

The bats will also come with summer themed freebies. Specifically flamingo themed. Because I have a problem. 

 Bats will be $67 each
- They are first come first serve
- There are no cart holds or reservations, you must complete checkout to get your bat
- My bats tend to sell quickly. Not every design will sell out immediately, but some will, so if you have your heart set on a specific bat, I advise acting quickly
- Time zones are all EDT (or GMT -4)

Summer Sales! 

For the entire month of July, I'll be running a 20% off sale on all my patterns. The discount will be automatically applied at checkout. 

- Sale will run from July 1st at 12am EDT to July 31st at 12:59pm EDT
- This discount only applies to patterns and has a minimum purchase of $1
- There's no limit to how many orders you can place
- This sale is only for my website, not for my Etsy store


I will also be hosting a giveaway on my Instagram for a flamingo floaty plush. Because I really want to make another one. 

(Remember how I said I have a problem with flamingos? It runs deep)

To enter you'll need to comment on the Instagram giveaway post (it is not live yet, I will post it when it is) with a way someone has brightened your day and include a flamingo emoji. Or if you can't do the flamingo emoji I will accept FLAMINGO in all caps. 

The giveaway post will go live July1st at 12am EDT and the giveaway will run until July 10th at 11:59pm EDT. Comments made after that time are not valid entries.

The flamingo floaty plush has a value of approximately $60. 

The winner will be chosen via random generator and contacted via DM and must respond within 7 days or will forfeit their prize to the next chosen winner. ONLY the Instagram account "BeeZeeArt" with exact spelling will contact you, any other account that claims you won is a scam. You must be 18 years or older and willing to provide your address including your full, legal name for delivery purposes. The giveaway is open worldwide except the UK, EU countries, and Italy. Any countries that are not accepting shipments from the US due to covid will also not be valid, though this list is regularly changing. Shipping is included in the giveaway. Giveaway is not sponsored by, endorsed by, or otherwise affiliated with Instagram in any way.


I am quite busy at this time, but hoping there may be more coming this month. So please check back!


How do I purchase a bat?

Visit my store at at 3pm EDT, add it to your cart, and complete checkout. There are no cart holds or reservations so you must fully complete checkout to claim your bat.

The bat didn't show up for me!

Sometimes you will need to do a hard refresh or fully clear your cache. You can try searching for the product in the search bar.  You can also try visiting the page with all my products instead of the front page and sorting by Date, new to old. ( 

I had the bat in my cart and it sold before I could complete checkout!

Unfortunately there are no cart holds or reservations on my website so until you complete checkout, the bat isn't held for you in any way. I know that this can be disappointing,  

I didn't complete checkout, but I still got charged! (Either your payment info was incorrect or the product sold before checkout was complete)

When you checkout, something called a pre-authorization hold is placed on your card to verify the information provided matches the information on file with your card and that the funds are actually available. It’s the same sort of hold you get on your card when you check in to a hotel or pump gas. If the transaction is not completed for any reason (info doesn't match, funds aren't available, product sold out, etc) the hold may remain on your account for awhile. Holds are temporary and will go away on their own within a few days, the money itself never actually leaves your account. Many banks often show these transactions with a "pending" label, but not all. This is something I have no control over as it is done by the payment companies, but you can call your bank to verify it is only a hold and not a charge and see if they can do anything to expedite the release of the funds. 

Why is the giveaway on Instagram? I don't use Instagram.

Instagram has my largest following and highest engagement so that’s where I choose to hold giveaways. In the past using apps or cross posting on multiple social media pages did not go well, so this is the current solution to still do something fun. I know it won’t work for everyone, but for right now it works for the majority. If you’d like things to change, I highly encourage you to comment, like, and follow on your preferred social media. If things change and I get more followers and engagement elsewhere, I’ll change up where I host giveaways. (TikTok, I'm looking at you! You're catching up fast).

You can find all my FAQS here: