Sew Scary 2021

Sew Scary 2021

Sew Scary 2021

It’s that time of year again when you can finally stop dusting and call the cobwebs a decoration! Aka, Halloween. I’m so excited to announce this year’s plans for my Sew Scary event.

If this is your first time joining along, welcome! If not, welcome back! I hope you guys will love what I cook up in the cauldron this year.



The giveaway is now live! Enter to win here.

First up is the yearly trick AND treat giveaway! You can enter to win a full set of 3 galaxy bats (a total value of $82.50). They’re soft, cute, and cuddly. That’s the treat.

The trick? Your bats will arrive covered in glitter. That’s right, you are entering to win your very own glitter bomb. Like last year, I’ll be using a biodegradable glitter made of plant cellulose. It will save the planet, but it won’t save the winner from finding glitter everywhere for the rest of their life.

The giveaway will happen on Instagram. To enter to win, you’ll need to comment on the giveaway post with your favorite Halloween costume. The post will go live on October 1st at 12am EDT and the giveaway will run until October 7th at 11:59pm EDT. Entries made after that point will not be valid.

The winner will be chosen via random generator and contacted via DM and must respond within 7 days or will forfeit their prize to the next chosen winner.

You must be 18 years or older and willing to provide your address including your full, legal name for delivery purposes. The giveaway is open worldwide except the UK, EU countries, and Italy. Any countries that are not accepting shipments from the US due to covid will also not be valid, though this list is regularly changing. Shipping is included in the giveaway.

Giveaway is not sponsored by, endorsed by, or otherwise affiliated with Instagram in any way.


Of course it wouldn’t be Halloween without bats!

Each day in October a new bat design will be released for sale. The order the bats will be released in will be a surprise, though you may see previews of the bats in group photos ahead of time. Individual previews of the bats will go live each day at 3pm EDT and will be posted for sale on my site at 5pm EDT.

This year the bats will all be quite special. Each one is made from fabric created by independent designers and custom printed via Spoonflower. The artist will be listed in the description of the bats and in the preview so you can check them out, too!

This year every bat also has a matching charm. In addition, you’ll see more unique bats with pattern alterations, faux fur accents, seasonal scents, handmade accessories, and decorations like lace, beads, and more. I also tried to pick new fabric prints this year, though you may see a few repeats that were particularly popular last year.

The Halloween bats will also feature themed packaging and extra Halloween themed goodies.

- Bats will be $70 + shipping
- There will be 3 of each design available

- Bats are first come, first serve. There are no cart holds or reservations

- My bats tend to sell quickly with more popular designs often selling in under a minute. Note every bat will sell that fast, but if you have your heart set on one, you may wish to plan to check the shop exactly at 5pm
- Time zones are all EDT (or GMT -4)


There will also be 2 shop updates in the month of October. More information will be released on these as we move closer, but expect to see Halloween themed non-bat plushies included with these. 

- Shop updates are also first come, first serve, with no cart holds or reservations

- Previews will be shown on social media as we get closer

- Prices will vary based on the plush


This year instead of giving away Halloween themed freebies with every order, I’m opting to have pattern sales instead. The bat, beginner bat, crow, mothman, opossum, and sitting kitty patterns will all be 10% off for the month of October.

And don’t forget the free fresno nightcrawler pattern if you need more cryptid goodness in your life this month!



How do I purchase a Halloween bat?

Visit my store at at 5pm EDT, add it to your cart, and complete checkout. There are no cart holds or reservations so you must fully complete checkout to claim your bat.

I had the bat in my cart and it sold before I could complete checkout, but my bank account says I was still charged?

Some payment methods put a hold on your card to verify the information provided matches the information on file with your card. It’s the same sort of hold you get on your card when you check in to a hotel or pump gas and sometimes see a hold on your account. Holds are temporary and will go away on their own within a few days, the money itself never actually leaves your account. This is something I have no control over, but you can call your bank and see if they can do anything to expedite the release of the funds.

I visited your page, but I didn’t see the bat at 5pm!

Sometimes you will need to hard refresh your page or clear your cookies or your browser will load an old version of the site. You can also try visiting the page with all my products instead of the front page and sorting by Date, new to old. (

I really liked X bat and I missed it!

I’m sorry that you missed out on it. I can only make a limited number of bats since I’m just one person, but you are welcome to buy the pattern and try to re-create it yourself (or commission someone else to do so).

What if I want the galaxy bats, but not the glitter?

The glitter is part of the fun of this giveaway so if you don’t want to receive a package of glittery goodness, please don’t enter. You can, instead, buy a perfectly normal, unglittered galaxy bat via my website. The glitter is only for the giveaway winner and isn’t sent with regular orders.

Why is the giveaway on Instagram?

Instagram has my largest following and highest engagement so that’s where I choose to hold giveaways. In the past using apps or cross posting on multiple social media pages did not go well, so this is the current solution to still do something fun. I know it won’t work for everyone, but for right now it works for the majority. If you’d like things to change, I highly encourage you to comment, like, and follow on your preferred social media. If things change and I get more followers and engagement elsewhere, I’ll change up where I host giveaways. 

You can find all my FAQS here:
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