Where to Buy Minky

Where to Buy Minky

Where to Buy Minky

Where to get minky

With the closure of Fabric.com (RIP), I’ve seen an increased interest in a list of minky suppliers so I figured I’d add my own personal list here.

These aren’t the only places to get minky, but they are the ones I have either used or had recommended to me.

Most Popular Options
These are the ones you will see recommended most

Missouri Star Quilt Co
They carry a huge variety of Shannon minky include the solid cuddle 3, luxe cuddle, dimple, and more. 

Howl Fabric
I have swatches from them and they have a great selection of colors. They carry both shannon minky and their own lines they produce themselves. They even have UV minky. I definitely recommend a swatch pack, but they’re good about labeling which ones are their own store fabric.

I’ve ordered from them several times and always had a good experience. They also have an Etsy located here and I’ve found sometimes their website stock and Etsy stock is different. I tend to find what I’m looking for more often on Etsy.

Big Z Fabric
Big Z carries their own line of minky. I will say it’s not my favorite quality, but it’s not bad, especially for something like prototyping. They have swatches available so you can compare it to other brands of minky. Huge plus side is the prices are great and they sell by the bolt. Plus they carry mochi minky (4 way stretch) which not many places carry.

Etsy Sellers
I’ve purchased from each of these sellers and had a good experience. Most of them I’ve only purchased from once, but some I have come back to. Caliquiltco also has an Etsy shop, but I’ve listed them above. A huge upside is they generally have increments smaller than a yard.

- SewStephStudios
- lizzysbizfabric
- Silkfabric
- linabellaptw

- The Fig Leaf Fabrics

- BoyskFabrics


Funky Monkey Fabrics
I’ve ordered from them before and had a good experience. They also come recommended by my Canadian followers. Pay attention to the sizes, they sell in fat half or half yard by default rather than a yard. 

Chicken Feed Quilts
I’ve ordered from them once and had a good experience, it arrived in a poly mailer with chickens which is charming.


Plush Addict
Plush Addict is known for their Shannon minky swatch sets which are very highly sought after in the plush world. They call the minky “plush cuddle” because a company in the UK trademarked the name “minky” despite it being a type of fabric. So search for plush cuddle or cuddle if you are in the UK


Homecraft Textiles
I have not purchased from here, but it was recommended, so I’m including it for my aussie followers because I know you guys pay out the nose for shipping from anywhere else.


Specifically in Germany, I love this company. It’s a small biz, has an active social media presence, and has a huge selection of Shannon minky, mochi minky, and their own lines. I haven’t personally purchased from them just because I have options with lower shipping costs, but I absolutely would.