Sew Scary 2022

Sew Scary 2022

Sew Scary 2022

UPDATE: Unfortunately I fell an injured my foot this week. On top of that, my aunt, who I was very close to, passed away. I'm going to continue doing what I can to get orders out, but they may be delayed. I'm also going to do what I can to keep daily bats coming. 

I'm also going to push the Halloween shop update to merge with the Black Friday update. 

I appreciate your patience!

There’s blood splatter fabric on my desk and that can only mean one thing… Halloween!!

October is obviously the best month of the year and I’m so excited. To celebrate, BeeZeeArt’s Sew Scary event is coming back for another year.

Here’s what to expect for this year’s event

Trick AND Treat Giveaways

Every year I like to give away a little bit of a trick and a little bit of a treat. So you can enter to win a trio of galaxy bats that are absolutely covered in glitter.

(The glitter is biodegradable and made from plant cellulose. So even though it will haunt you forever, it won’t haunt the planet with microplastics.)

You’ll notice, though, there’s a plural here! Giveaways! That’s right, I’ve decided to go ahead and host a giveaway both on Instagram and on Tikok since my Tiktok following has grown quite a bit and I wanted to show them a little love for all the support this year.

The giveaways will go live on October 1st and the cutoff for entries will be October 7th at 11:59pm EDT. Comments made after then won’t count as entries.

A set of 3 plushies have a value of $82.50

The winner will be chosen via random generator and contacted via DM and must respond within 7 days or will forfeit their prize. ONLY the account/s "BeeZeeArt" with exact spelling will contact you, any other account that claims you won is a scam. This goes for both Tiktok and Instagram. You must be 18 years or older and willing to provide your address and full legal name for delivery purposes. This giveaway is not available for people in the UK or EU (sorry, stupid customs and import laws). Any countries that are not accepting shipments from USPS for any reason will also not be valid, so be sure to make sure your country doesn’t have any shipping restrictions. Shipping is included in the giveaway and cast varies based on the location of the winners. Giveaway is not sponsored by, endorsed by, or otherwise affiliated with Instagram or Tiktok in any way. It is also not sponsored by any other companies. 

How to Enter:

- Follow Me
- Like the giveaway post
- Comment on the giveaway post and answer the prompt to enter. The prompt is “What is your favorite Halloween decoration?” (Mine is a skeleton lawn flamingo of course) 
- Optionally, tag a friend and share the post!


Every order for a physical item in the month of October will have one of these super cute glossy vinyl stickers featuring my 3 eyed raven plush in sticker form included for free. These are 1.6" x 2" and weatherproof.

They’re good little friends who are sure to keep an eye out for you this Halloween. (Or two. Or three.)

This is also your reminder that I have a free fresno nightcrawler plush pattern available and this is the perfect season to make a scary pair of cryptid pants to adventure with!

Bat-O-Ween Daily Releases

The main star of the Sew Scary event! It just wouldn’t be Halloween without lots and lots of bats. Each day in October I will release a new bat design for sale. The order they are released in will be a surprise, although if you follow my social media you may see previews of what’s to come.

(The bats in this image are from previous years, though, just in case you want to avoid spoilers)

Daily previews for the bats will go live each day at 3pm EDT and they will be available for sale on my website at 5pm EDT. Most designs will have a minimum of 3 of each bat for sale, but some may have as many as 6, depending on the design.

Every bat will be made with Halloween themed fabric and a matching charm. You’ll also see more unique bats with handmade accessories, lace, beads, and more. There's even scented bats, where I felt a good seasonal scent would be an appropriate match. They’re just a bit more special than the average bat.

Bat-O-Ween bats this year will also have special packing that includes Halloween themed goodies and a black box for protection so none of their extra decorations are squished in the mail. 

- Bats will be $70 each
- They are first come first serve
- There are no cart holds or reservations, you must complete checkout to get your bat
- My bats can sometimes sell quickly, please be ready if you have your heart set on one
- Time zones are all EDT (or GMT -4)

Pattern Sales

If you’re feeling particularly crafty this spooky season, some of the more seasonal patterns will be on sale for $2 off: 

- Bat
- Beginner Bat
- Crow
- Frog
- Mothman
- Sitting Kitty
- Opossum

Shop Updates

I will be having a Halloween Shop Update on October 31st at noon! (I'd like to do it at midnight to be on theme, but I don't want to keep you guys up that late. This way you can shop the update without disrupting any evening plans). Keep an eye on social media for more updates about what's included. 

Want More?

This is a very busy month for me so I don’t want to make any promises, but I'd recommend keeping an eye on social media for any changes.


How do I purchase a Halloween bat?

Visit my store at at 5pm EDT in the month of October, add it to your cart, and fully complete checkout. There are no cart holds or reservations, if you do not complete checkout entirely it will not be held.

I wasn’t able to complete the checkout, but my bank account says I was still charged? 

Some payment methods put a hold on your card to verify the information you provided matches the information on file with your card 100%.This is called a pre-authorization hold. If checkout fails for any reason (info provided doesn’t match, product sold out, error message, etc) the payment will not go through, but you may still see the hold as a charge or a pending charge. Holds are temporary and will go away on their own with no action required within a few days, the money itself never actually leaves your account, but may be temporarily unavailable. This is something I have no control over, but you can call your bank and see if they can do anything to expedite the release of the funds.

I visited your page, but I didn’t see the bat at 5pm!

If you’ve visited my website before, particularly if you refreshed repeatedly, your browser may give you a cached version of the website to speed up loading times. You may need to do a hard refresh or fully clear your cache. You can also try searching for the product directly in the search bar or visit my full page of products instead of my front page. Sorting by date, new to old, will put the newest products at the top. (

Will you make X bat again?

The answer is… maybe. Some bats may be recreated in the future. Some are limited and may not be created again. In some cases, I won’t have the same materials or accessories available again. So if you have your heart set on a particular bat, please don’t assume it will return. 

What if I win the galaxy bats, can I request to get them without the glitter?

Nope. The glitter is part of the fun, and horror, of the giveaway. If you don’t want to be glitter bombed, I don’t recommend you enter. If you still want a galaxy bat you can buy a perfectly normal, unglittered galaxy bat via my website and, bonus, you’re g. The glitter is only for the giveaway winner and isn’t sent with regular orders.

Why is the giveaway on Instagram?

Instagram has my largest following and highest engagement so that’s where I choose to hold giveaways. In the past using apps or cross posting on multiple social media pages did not go well, so this is the current solution to still do something fun. I know it won’t work for everyone, but for right now it works for the majority. If you’d like things to change, I highly encourage you to comment, like, and follow on your preferred social media. If things change and I get more followers and engagement elsewhere, I’ll change up where I host giveaways. 

You can find all my FAQS here:

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