Pre-Order - Custom Sea Pancake Plush

$ 40.00


IMPORTANT: This is a pre-order for a customized sea pancake! Please read the listing carefully to make sure you understand. If you order other items with your sea pancake, they will not ship until your sea pancake is ready.

Have your breakfast and snuggle it, too with these adorable sea pancakes! Each one is made from super soft minky with ironed on applique syrup and butter. The base sea pancake includes 3 different color options, scent, and black eyes. From there, you can add on whatever you'd like to design your perfect pancake! 

Creation Time
Good pancakes take time to cook. These plushies will not ship immediately. All pancakes will be sewn first, then stuffed, finished, and shipped out in the order they were purchased. 

Creation time will take anywhere from 2-8+ weeks, depending on how many people are in line. These will NOT make good holiday gifts. It is very unlikely they will arrive in time, especially if you are an international customer. 

All progress is documented and you can see your place in line here: Sea Pancake Order Tracker

• 5 inches long (not including the tail which is ~6 inches)
• 10.5 inches wide (from the tip of one fin to the other)
• Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.


This is the color of your sea pancake. The options are cooked to perfection (the standard tan), burnt (dark brown), or undercooked (light brown).

Default scents include maple pancake, blueberry cobbler, chocolate, banana, and combinations of maple and the other scents. Please note that these scents can be strong, especially the maple pancake, so this may not be a good option if you're sensitive to smells.

If you'd like another scent, you can select "other" and then select from the full list. 

For full scent information including descriptions of the scents and important things to note about scented plushies, please check out this info page

Want to bulk up your pancake? Add some extra weight with glass microbeads! Microbeads feel almost similar to sand, they are loose inside your plush and can be squished around. This type of filling is commonly used in weighted blankets. These will be added to the body of your plush, not the fins.

Regular - A standard sea pancake is filed with fluffy stuffing and weighs around 2 ounces

Weighted - Half full of microbeads and half full of stuffing, weighted pancakes weigh around 5 ounces

Extra Weight - Your entire sea pancake's body will be filled with microbeads which weighs around 10 ounces

Eye Type
Give your pancake a unique expression by selecting the perfect eyes for you. There's the default black eyes or, if you're feeling creative, you can choose between hand painted sparkle brown, solid brown, oval kawaii, round kawaii, u shape, or hearts! See the photos for examples.

Important Notes: 
- The U shape eye is on a single peg and can rotate to any expression, no need to specify
- Kawaii oval and kawaii circle eyes, the white is not scratch proof, please take care with them
- The U shape eye is not the same as the ones offered previously, those are no longer available

Add more flavor to your sea pancake with tasty toppings. You can add just one or a combo!

Blueberries - Enjoy 3 blueberries handmade from merino wool blend felt and sewn to your plush. Each will look slightly different due to the handmade nature. 

Chocolate Chips - Sprinkle on 5 plastic chocolate chips. The minky is trimmed below them, the bottoms of each chip are sanded, and they're glued in place with industrial strength craft glue to keep them secure. The position of your chocolate chips may change if you add blueberries or bananas to accommodate them. 

Banana Slices - Indulge in 3 banana slices made from merino wool blend felt with cute embroidered details and hand sewn in place on your plush. 

Tail Bow   
For another little bit of fun, you can add a bow to the base of your sea pancake's tail. Bows are approximately 1 inch. See the photos for all the colors. 

Add a charm to the base of your pancakes tail! These will be sewn to the base of the tail with a thread that matches the color of your pancakes body. If you also order a bow, they'll be placed just underneath so both will still be visible. See the photos for all the options. 

Gift Pouch
Wrap your pancake in style. Your stingray will come tucked away in a 6x8 inch cotton drawstring bag with a stamped sea pancake label. The stamp is 3x3 inches and will be inked in dark brown. Top it off with a 3 inch burlap bow. Inside will be a 3x2.38 inch matte vinyl sea pancake sticker. You can see those separately here. Optionally, you can include a gift message as well.

• Minky Fabric
• Polyester Stuffing
• Plastic Safety Eyes
• (Optional) Scented Aroma Beads
• (Optional) Silk Craft Bow
• (Optional) Felt Blueberries/Banana
• (Optional) Plastic Chocolate Chip
• (Optional) Glass Beads
• (Optional) Metal Craft Charm

• Colors may vary slightly due to monitor and lighting differences.

Important Notices:
• Plushies may contain small parts and are not safe for children, these items are handmade and meant for adult collectors.
• This is a handmade product is meant for display and light handling, please treat it well to avoid damage
• My home is a smoke free, pet friendly home. It contains cats, dogs, and birds.
• Due to their handmade nature, no two plushies are quite the same. Expect slight variations.
 Please read my policies before ordering

Customer Reviews

Based on 167 reviews

so cute and made incredibly well! smelled delicious :)

Cute tiny boy

The sea pancake is amazing. High quality and the chocolate scent is amazing. Very cute and worth the wait. Arrived in perfect condition.

Cownose ray pancake

I love all types of rays and absolutely adore my cownose ray pancake! It’s very soft and high quality. The weight is very sensory calming that I find particularly helpful and is the perfect size for me to have with me. I’m very satisfied with my purchase and will definitely be back so my ray can have another pancake friend!

Eli Longtin
So cute

The see pancake is so cute and the blueberry scent is really awesome! I did think it would be a bit bigger tho. But its amazing!


He was delivered on the day I lost my grandfather so perfect timing! Spoonie has been a huge help especially as an autistic person. Perfect weight, smells great, all these sensory things to touch and in addition hes the cutest fellow ever! Thank you so much and best wishes! :) <3