Sew Scary 2023

Sew Scary 2023

Sew Scary 2023

Everyone can come crawling out of your catacombs, October is finally here again! I’m so excited to announce this year’s Sew Scary event to help celebrate the spookiest season in all of it’s glory.

Here’s what you can expect for the month of October from BeeZeeArt!

Bat-O-Ween Daily Bat Releases!

Following the yearly tradition, a new bat design will be released each day in October! Previews will be at 2pm EDT on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and the bats will be available for sale at 3pm EDT. These bats each have something a little special about them like lace, beading, scents, and more. They’re just a bit more decorated than your average bat.

Bats will be $65 each and there will be 3 of each design. They are first come first serve and there are no cart holds or reservations. Sometimes they sell out quickly, so be prepared right at 3pm EDT if you have your heart set on a particular design.


Every physical order will come with a 3 eyed crow plushie sticker! This crow is a good little friend who is sure to keep an eye (or 3)  out for you as you wander around in the woods. You’ll also get some trick or treat goodies!

There’s also the free fresno nightcrawler pattern. This cute little cryptid pattern is always available, but there’s no better time than now to make one of your own!  


If you’re feeling particularly crafty this spooky season, some of the themed patterns will be on sale for $2 off: 

- Bat
- Beginner Bat
- Crow
- Frog
- Mothman
- Sitting Kitty
- Sleeping Kitty
- Opossum

This discount is automatic and will be applied at checkout.

New Patterns!

If all those snuggly little friends don’t feel like quite the right familiar for you to tag along on all your Halloween adventures, the arched black cat pattern is coming this month!

This pattern will help you make your very own cat in an arched back pose like it’s scared. Or ready to fight! It won’t bring you any bad luck, but it will bring lots of smiles. It will also be $2 off for this month along with the other seasonal patterns.

You can check it out here when it’s ready!

I also have other ideas in the works so check back later for more announcements

Trick AND Treat Giveaway

What is a trick and treat giveaway? Well, it’s very simple. You can enter to win a special treat! In this case, a large Halloween themed weighted bat. Covered in glitter. That’s the trick!

(The glitter is biodegradable and made from plant cellulose. So even though it will haunt you forever, it won’t haunt the planet with microplastics.)

The giveaway post will be shared here when it goes live.

This bat is one of my large size bats and is weighted to around 14oz (or .88 lbs). It’s got a floral and skeleton pattern paired with soft black minky and a skeleton cameo charm. The wings and ears have low loft quilt batting inside them to give them a bit of thickness and a warm, snuggly feel. It’s the perfect bat to cozy up to as the weather gets colder.

The giveaway will be held on Instagram and the post will go live October 1st and entries will be cut off on Friday the 13th at midnight! To enter, like the post and comment with the worst thing you ever got while trick or treating (or what you think would be awful to get if you didn’t actually go trick or treating). Mine was a glove filled with popcorn to look like a hand and candy corn in the fingers, except there was actual bugs in the popcorn that had gotten in through a hole in the glove 🤢 You must be following me to win. Optionally, tag a friend and share the post.

The value of the bat is $120. Giveaway includes shipping, but not customs charges or fees. You must be 18 years or older. Winner must be willing to provide a full name and address for shipping. The winner will be chosen via random comment picker and contacted via DM. Winner must respond within 7 days or forfeit their prize. ONLY the account BeeZeeArt will contact you and ONLY after the giveaway has closed. Any other account attempting to contact you saying you have won is a scam. Please don’t fall for them!

The giveaway is not available for people in the UK or EU (Sorry! Customs and import laws are not small business friendly) or any country that’s not currently accepting shipments from USPS.

Giveaway is not sponsored by, endorsed by, or otherwise affiliated with Instagram or any other company.

Themed Plush Drops

Keep your eyes out for Halloween themed plush releases! I’m planning 2 releases during the month with all sorts of critters other than bats coming to join the party. I’ll be updating later with specific days/times as well as previews on social media. So be sure to follow me!

For best updates, check Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter where posts will be auto published.


How do I purchase a bat?
Visit my store at 3pm EDT, refresh until you see the bat in the store, add it to your cart, and fully complete checkout. There are cart holds and I don’t do reservations.

I don’t want any freebies sent with my order!
No problem. If you aren’t in to that sort of thing and want the least amount of packaging possible, send me an email when you order and I’ll exclude any extras for you.

I wasn’t able to complete checkout, but I was still charged!
If checkout fails for any reason (info doesn’t match, product sold out, interrupted connection, etc) the payment will not be captured, but a hold may remain. In most cases, this is displayed as a pending charge and the authorization hold will go away within a few days. You can contact your bank to verify the charge wasn’t completed and see if they can clear it sooner.

I visited your page right on time, but I didn't see the bat!
If the bat doesn’t show up for you, you may need to do a hard refresh of the page or clear your cache. Your browser may be displaying an older version of the site to speed up loading times. You can also try searching in the search bar for “Sew Scary” to find it manually.

Will you make X bat again?
Maybe? Some bats may be recreated in the future if there is enough interest, but some are made with limited fabrics or accessories and can’t be made again. Either way, I won’t be doing so any time soon as the Halloween releases for this year are already planned.

If I win the giveaway can I request it be sent without glitter?
Nope! The glitter is part of the fun (and horror) of the giveaway. If you don’t want to be glitter bombed, I don’t recommend entering.

Glitter is horrible for the environment!
The glitter I use is plant based. It’s made from cellulose and it is biodegradable. It has been independently lab tested to certify it is ASTM D6400 compliant. This means it has been tested and proven to fully decompose at a rate comparable to known compostable materials when composted in a municipal and industrial composting facility. Further, when composted it does not diminish the value or utility of the compost that results. (It is also certified to meet ISO 14855 standards, tested free of heavy metal content, safe for the skin, and made in the USA)

Why is the giveaway only on Instagram? I don’t have Instagram!
Instagram is my largest following and highest engagement so that’s where I generally choose to hold giveaways. In the past using apps or posting on multiple social media pages didn’t go well so this is the current solution to still offer giveaways in a way that is sustainable for me. You can always create a throw away IG to enter with, I don’t check how active you are, just that you meet the giveaway rules.

You can find all my FAQS here:

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